Integrates TeleSign -- blocks more than 99% of fraudulent activity

The Challenge

Several of Scalefast’s industry-specific managed sites were experiencing an increase in fraud attempts. Specifically, in their digital gaming websites, Scalefast wanted to enhance their existing anti-fraud system with phone number intelligence and two-factor authentication to further reduce risk for their clients—since this industry has become a major target for hackers.

TeleSign Delivered

Streamlined User And Transaction Verification Process

Reduced Fraudulent Activity, Fraud Costs And False Positives

Gained Quick And Easy Access To Fraud Data Using A Modern API

The Solution

Scalefast implemented Score to deliver fraud risk indicators based on phone number attributes, usage patterns and fraud history. Scalefast is now able to automatically determine if a verification process should proceed and when the Scalefast system detects that a transaction might be fraudulent, a two-factor authentication (2FA) verification passcode is sent via TeleSign SMS Verify or Voice Verify to the end-user’s mobile phone registered to that account. For valid transactions, customers simply enter the correct passcode on the website or in the app and the transaction is allowed.

An anti-fraud system only works if you have access to a lot of different databases and different technologies. Fraudsters are moving very fast—with TeleSign, and you don’t have to fight them alone.

Nicolas Stehle

CEO, Scalefast

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