Improves conversions with App Verify's one click registration

The Challenge

Saucey needed a quick, easy and frictionless way to verify their customers’ identities in order to improve delivery fulfillment and reduce fraud. The company was also looking for a solution that would be simple to integrate into their mobile app.

TeleSign Delivered

Simplified One-Click Registration Process

Lower Verification, Delivery And Fraud Costs

Ease Of Integration With Lightweight Sdk

The Solution

Saucey evaluated several solutions and ultimately chose TeleSign App Verify because it was easy on both the customer and integration ends. “During customer on-boarding, identity and verification could be a bit intrusive. We wanted that process to be easy with one-click as customers’ mobile phone numbers are being verified in the background,” stated Daniel Leeb, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder.

Once we integrated TeleSign’s App Verify for user authentication, we reduced fraud costs, reduced repeated delivery attempts, and increased conversions.

Daniel Leeb

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Saucey

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