Saucey improves conversions with one click registration

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Simplified one-click registration process
Lower verification, delivery and fraud costs
Ease of integration with lightweight SDK
“Once we integrated TeleSign, we reduced fraud costs, reduced repeated delivery attempts, and increased conversions.”
Daniel Leeb
Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder
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Saucey is changing one of the oldest and largest industries in the world. The company is making it easier, faster and safer for customers to make Web or mobile app purchases of beer, wine and spirits and have them delivered to their customer’s door in about 30 minutes. Saucey’s on-demand alcohol delivery service is currently available in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Chicago. They offer competitive pricing, broad selection and ultra-convenience.

Saucey has taken a proactive security approach to help prevent fraudulent activity as they continue to grow. The company is putting extra measures in place to ensure their customer information is valid – from initial registration and then throughout the e-commerce process. Saucey believes the approach they have taken has helped streamline their user registration process, improve timely and accurate deliveries and reduce fraud.

The Challenge

With any on-demand delivery business, user authentication is essential for customer on-boarding, delivery fulfillment and reducing fraud. Saucey needed a quick and easy way to verify their customers’ identities and using a verified and validated mobile phone number as a “trust anchor” was an option they wanted to explore. Saucey was also looking for an SDK authentication solution that could quickly and easily integrate into their mobile app to help reduce user friction during the registration process.

Phone view of someone ordering wine through the Saucey app

The Solution

Saucey evaluated several solutions and ultimately chose TeleSign App Verify because it was easy on both the customer and integration ends. “During customer on-boarding, identity and verification could be a bit intrusive. We wanted that process to be easy and with one-click customers’ mobile phone numbers are being verified in the background,” stated Daniel Leeb, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder.

Simplified one-click registration process with improved conversions

During the on-boarding registration process, the customer simply fills out Saucey’s form with their name, mobile phone number and birthdate and presses “Next.”

Using App Verify, the new customer is verified through a simplified registration process that utilizes frictionless signaling to the mobile number provided. This ensures the account creator is legitimate and it connects a valid mobile phone number to each new account. Using App Verify, Saucey has been able to streamline their registrations with this better and faster verification process. This has led to an overall increase in conversions. The customer on-boarding process is much easier and the overall user experience is essentially seamless.

Lower verification, delivery and fraud costs while increasing security

App Verify offers verification at a lower cost per conversion compared to SMS alone. This has helped Saucey establish more controlled and predictable costs. Saucey also experienced improvement during deliveries. At times, Saucey couriers need to contact their customers to confirm delivery addresses or questions about the order. When an invalid phone number is provided or entered incorrectly, it makes it difficult to reach the customer and fulfill the order.

For chargebacks, Saucey also needed accurate phone numbers to reach customers to resolve credit card issues.

Since implementing TeleSign, Saucey now has valid and verified customer phone numbers, which has helped them reduce failed delivery attempts, delivery costs and chargebacks.

“We also like the fact that TeleSign adheres to stringent security requirements to ensure hackers are not able to reverse engineer the SDK to extract API credentials, which has helped us eliminate the possibility of bulk account creations.”

Ease of integration with lightweight SDK

The Saucey team liked the ease of the lightweight software development kit (SDK). The App Verify SDK has clear documentation and their engineers found it easy to integrate. According to Daniel Leeb, it took the Saucey development team just a day or so to implement.

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