Secures its user community and reduces threat of Fraud with TeleSign

The Challenge

Although account security was a top priority, MeetMe wanted to make registration and account verification as easy as possible. Previously, MeetMe relied largely on CAPTCHA verification for suspicious behavior, but found many users abandoned the registration process because the distorted words were illegible. MeetMe wanted to take a proactive approach to secure its community by identifying ways it could make it easy for legitimate users to access their accounts but require additional verification steps when suspicious activity occurred.

TeleSign Delivered

Reduced Registration Of Fraudulent Accounts

Event-Based Verification Of Suspicious Users

Monitoring And Alerting For Suspicious Users

The Solution

MeetMe chose TeleSign’s solutions to help secure user accounts and reduce bulk account creation incidents. As a way to verify anonymous users, MeetMe requires certain suspicious new registrations to include a valid phone number for SMS or voice verification. When the user enters a telephone number on MeetMe, TeleSign sends an automated SMS or voice call to the user with a one-time PIN. The user then enters this one-time code and is immediately verified. This new, secure and seamless process helps MeetMe block fraud while minimizing friction for its users.

With TeleSign, it’s all about risk mitigation—we depend on it for monitoring, alerting and responding.

David Brown

Vice President Of Operations, MeetMe

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