Protects End-Users With One-Click Push Authorizations

The Challenge

Intermedia prides itself on security and invests considerable human and capital resources to help ensure high levels of protection for their customers and partners. To enhance its fraud prevention strategy, the company wanted to use two-factor authentication (2FA) to provide an additional layer of account security beyond just usernames and passwords for their Web-based accounts. However, they did not want to implement a user authentication process that was too difficult to manage, inconvenient for users, or costly.

TeleSign Delivered

Seamless End-User Experience With One-Click Push Notifications

Completely Intermedia-Branded 2Fa Experience

Reduced Authentication Costs By Using In-App Push Notifications

The Solution

Intermedia deployed TeleSign’s Push Verify SDK (software development kit) to build out a 2FA solution using “one-click” push notifications and soft tokens through their existing native iOS and Android mobile applications, allowing end-users to gain secure account access quickly and easily. Intermedia also deployed 2FA using TeleSign’s SMS Verify and Voice Verify products to give their users a choice. Most users prefer push notifications because they’re quick, intuitive to use, and involves fewer steps. Push notifications are also designed to offer a lower cost user authentication method than SMS and voice-based one-time passcodes (OTP).

We were looking for a vendor who offered scalability, performance and impressive response times. We evaluated several vendors and ultimately chose TeleSign because they delivered it all.

Richard Walters

Senior Vice President Of Security Products, Intermedia

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