Atom Tickets

Using data intelligence to prevent coupon abuse and seamlessly identify legitimate users

The Challenge

Atom Tickets began experiencing an increase in fake accounts along with spikes in customer acquisition costs due to coupon abuse fraud, where bad actors attempt to take advantage of promotions by creating new accounts each time they want to benefit from offers. Atom Tickets needed to implement a better and more secure account registration process, one that could proactively identify legitimate users with minimal friction, while preventing duplicate and fake accounts to deter coupon abuses and misuse.

TeleSign Delivered

Reduced Coupon Abuse By Almost 80% And Lowered Customer Acquisition Costs

Activated An Account Registration Process That Identifies Legitimate Users Without Additional Friction

Easy Implementation And Best Practices Guidance For An Enhanced User Experience

The Solution

Atom Tickets implemented TeleSign Score, a risk reputation service based on phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning and a global data consortium of historical fraud data. New users download the Atom Tickets app and sign-up using their phone number. Based on data intelligence for that user’s phone number, Atom Tickets instantly decides whether to allow, flag, or block a user-- keeping bad actors out. They’ve gained a better understanding of what types of users are entering their ecosystem and are experiencing less fraud and reduced operational costs.

With a TeleSign data solution, we know more about our customers based on their phone number. We have more sophisticated tools to prevent abuse of our promotions and, from a customer acquisition standpoint, our efforts save money for the company.

Drew Tennenbaum

Head Of Engineering

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