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Protecting Transactions from Chargeback Fraud

Six billion dollars is a large number. It’s also how much money, online retailers are expected to lose in Card Not Present (CNP) Chargeback Fraud (CBF) this year. Before we discuss the solution to this problem let’s begin with an overview of how Chargeback Fraud works. Chargeback Fraud Origins A chargeback is a protection provided … Continued

Digital Identity Solutions for a Healthy Platform

Most people are spending time right now focusing on potential symptoms. We’ve been told that a dry cough, shortness of breath or a fever can be indicative of a devastating Covid-19 diagnosis, something we are all trying to avoid. At the same time, cybersecurity experts and the FBI are telling us to be mindful of … Continued

3 Ways to Protect E-Commerce Transactions During Covid-19

One of the main headaches that all e-commerce platforms run into is fraud, specifically payment fraud. Through classic schemes such as CNP fraud, account takeover and registration fraud, e-commerce companies have always had their hands full. Now with a large portion of the world population under government mandated Covid-19 quarantine, online activity is through the … Continued

Onboarding Protection and Know Your Customer

Knowledge is power especially when it comes to registering a new user on your platform. In the real world, you wouldn’t let just anyone enter a secure area without some baseline knowledge. It’s commonplace to ask for an ID or a passport. The web should be no different. Just because the space is digital doesn’t … Continued

How Fake Reviews Compromise Trust for E-Commerce Platforms

As an e-commerce platform your main goal is to drive sales and provide a great customer experience. When you do worry about fraud, you likely focus on account takeover. TeleSign provides e-commerce platforms with onboarding protection in the form of verification solutions.We also add transaction and compliance protection later in the customer journey by adding … Continued

Digital Identity for Onboarding Protection

As a business owner, are you constantly trying to thread the needle between verifying your users and streamlining your registration process to decrease churn? While phone-based verification is a great starting point for onboarding authentication, TeleSign offers more robust solutions beyond standard 2FA that ensure a safe experience for all of your users. This guide … Continued

Using Phone Numbers in Fraud Prediction Models 

We have mentioned before that the entire lynchpin of digital identity relies on the collection of a phone number as a global trust anchor. Today, you will learn how TeleSign analyzes phone numbers in fraud prediction models to help you decide whether or not to onboard a user onto your web ecosystem. First let’s look … Continued

Zero Trust: How Digital Identity Enables Safer Networks

Know your Customer (KYC) is a phrase that every business owner should be familiar with. Acquiring information about customers can lead to insights that companies can leverage to drive revenue. However, digital identity can also be used to make online ecosystems safer for all involved stakeholders by establishing a phone number as a global trust … Continued

Are Smart Phones Replacing Passwords?

Despite what experts have been prediction for years, the password continues to soldier on. This happens much to the chagrin of many users who have been forced to remember dozens of different combinations of letters/numbers/characters for every web app they interact with on a daily basis. Despite warnings from security experts not to reuse passwords … Continued


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