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3 Ways to Protect E-Commerce Transactions During Covid-19

One of the main headaches that all e-commerce platforms run into is fraud, specifically payment fraud. Through classic schemes such as CNP fraud, account takeover and registration fraud, e-commerce companies have always had their hands full. Now with a large portion of the world population under government mandated Covid-19 quarantine, online activity is through the … Continued

USE CASE: How to Reduce Fake Accounts with Digital Identity

One of the largest pain points for large web eco-systems today is determining which accounts are used by good users and which are run by fraudsters. In fact more than 82% of businesses report that fake accounts are a major problem because they can exist for a variety of sinister reasons. They exist primarily to … Continued

Month in Hacks January 2020

Healthcare systems are prone to data leakage again this month, and a new report found a slew of issues that make e-scooters vulnerable to attacks. Once again, this goes to show the importance of cyber security and practicing healthy security hygiene. More than 1,000 Patients Affected by Detroit-Area Hospital Breach Data breaches don’t always happen … Continued

Mobile App Onboarding Guide: Increase Account Registrations

Multi-factor Authentication (2FA) has long been the standard for securing accounts. It can block 100% of bot attacks and 99.9% of bulk phishing attacks. However, something you might not have thought about is how 2FA can increase mobile registrations and deliver a seamless onboarding experience. TeleSign commissioned a study on how users want to be … Continued

Upgrade from Facebook Account Kit to TeleSign

Account Kit is Gone, Now What? If you are a developer or the business owner of a web property, you have long been aware of the importance of verifying your users using multifactor authentication (2FA) to keep both your platform and your users safe. A popular way to do this has been to utilize Facebook’s … Continued


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