New eGuide Available: How to Prevent Registration Fraud

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Fake users are a problem for online companies. In fact, our 2015 report with Ponemon Institute confirmed that they are an issue for 82% of businesses surveyed. Fraudsters sign-up for accounts with online or mobile applications with the sole purpose of wreaking havoc. Damage comes in the form of spamming of good users, fraudulent listings of products and services, theft of confidential information and more. Stopping these bad actors from entering into and negatively impacting user ecosystems is now fundamental to a company’s growth.

So, how can registration fraud be prevented? Our new eGuide provides an overview of how risk scoring coupled with machine learning and phone number intelligence can help business identify and block fraud…paving the way for sustainable growth.

This valuable new eGuide, “How to Prevent Registration Fraud,” can be downloaded today, here.