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Healthcare digital transformation: Savvy patients, smartphones, smooth scheduling

June 21, 2022

Telesign Team
A woman using a tablet to visit with a doctor.

Remember your last scheduling mix-up?

Life gets busy, and we all botch our calendars once and a while.

Maybe you’ve arrived at a party a day early, lost out on a job interview due to rush hour traffic, or missed a spouse’s birthday. Whatever the case, scheduling and appointment mix-ups can upend our plans.

When it comes to healthcare, a missed appointment can have serious consequences. Fortunately, there are innovative solutions that provide patients with easy and secure methods to book and manage appointments, while reducing provider administration costs.

Digital patient management is like having your own personal assistant.

Patients prefer digital scheduling

Now more than ever, it is critical to engage with patients outside of the medical office. A recent FICO Report showed that 80% of people would like the option to use their smartphones to interact with health care providers. Digital appointment scheduling is now the preferred way for patients to make medical appointments.

Most patients prefer digital scheduling options over a phone call, and almost half of all patients have chosen a doctor based on their ability to schedule or reschedule an appointment online.

A personal, customized reminder to a patient for an appointment also reduces no-shows: Sending reminders for appointments results in 50% improvements in attendance, relative to when no notification was provided.

The cost of missed appointments

The delicate ecosystem of running a healthcare organization relies on many components, primarily its patients. But what happens when patients miss an appointment?

The implications go beyond deleting a slot on the calendar. Each missed appointment can cost ~$250, resulting in thousands in lost revenue per week. In fact, missed appointments cost the US healthcare system $150B annually.

In addition to lost revenue, there’s also a time component. The average provider loses 30 minutes per day due to missed appointments.

How Telesign can help

Fortunately, you can now prioritize patient wellness and leave the engagement strategy to us. Our new, privacy-focused solutions combine Telesign’s engagement and digital identity products to enable you to establish a secure, reliable connection with your patients-anywhere, anytime.

We adhere to security and data-privacy best-practices to confirm HIPAA-compliant status, so your patients’ data is safe.

With Telesign for Healthcare, you can

  • Send SMS and voice alerts for appointment reminders
  • Share medical reports via secure SMS link
  • Schedule appointments
  • Send appointment confirmations
  • Alert patients on prescription refill options
  • Share customized pre-/post-procedure wellness guidelines
  • Enable authentication when accessing electronic medical records

To learn how you can offer better scheduling options to your clients, let’s talk.