Score API: Phone Number Reputation Scoring

Evaluate your fraud risk throughout the entire customer journey. TeleSign Score makes it easy to understand the risk and the reason behind it with tailored scoring models and comprehensive reason codes.

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Protect brand reputation
Identify potential fraud
Grow user base responsibly

End the Tradeoff between Fraud and Growth

Fraudulent online accounts can be created at an alarming rate, resulting in spam, phishing, promotion abuse, and other costly attacks. Make smarter decisions about user risk with tailored risk scores and intuitive reason codes  powered by our proprietary global data consortium.

Global Reach
Reach more customers with 120+ optimized points-of-presence and 700+ direct-to-carrier routes.
Seamless Automation
Easily integrate risk scores into your existing account ​security flows.
Unique Insights
Reduce friction while increasing account security, brand trust, and customer loyalty.

Reduce Fraud

Mitigate fraud and identify fake users with TeleSign’s reputation scoring API. Over 18 billion annual verification transactions power our machine learning to deliver up-to-date user phone number reputation intelligence so you can automate your decision-making for transactions, new users, and existing customers. 

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Streamline Customer Experience

Friction kills user experience. End the tradeoff between smooth online experiences and fighting fraud. Verify your customers behind the scenes using unique data points and intuitive data intelligence to optimize security.

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Increase Accuracy

Accurately identify potential fraud and bad actors during the registration process before they access your platform. TeleSign Score API adds an invisible level of risk assessment, so you don’t have to sacrifice conversions and growth for security.

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Score’s Machine Learning in Action

Real-time risk scores empower you to block potential fraud before it happens – all with just a phone number.  TeleSign’s Score delivers a numerical risk assessment, comprehensive reason codes, and intelligent recommendations. Determine risk thresholds based on your business needs and easily integrate the risk model into your existing security and fraud prevention workflows.

Risk Assessment
Receive a data-driven risk score and recommendation to take the appropriate action – block, challenge, or allow an interaction.
Phone Number Analytics
Evaluate phone number attributes including phone type, telecom carrier, account and device ID, and IP address to identify potential fraud risk.
Global Data Consortium
Rely on two global databases – a proprietary database of customer contributed phone number reputation info, and BICS Global Telco Fraud data of crowdsourced suspicious network activity – to detect risk faster.
IRSF Detection
Proactively monitoring for unusual behavior and set geo-limitations for high-risk countries to block IRSF attacks and toll fraud.
Traffic Pattern Recognition
Analyze traffic for anomalous patterns and usage velocity used to identify suspicious activity.
Machine Learning
Proprietary and customizable machine learning model that uncovers hidden insights to predict fraud and risk.

Reduce Fake Accounts

​More effective than captchas or usernames and passwords, using metadata for risk scoring is the gold-standard for intelligence. Deploy quality control methods as part of your fraud prevention strategy to protect your brand image and prevent churn.

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Streamline Account Registration

Responding to spam or fraud committed by unverified users can cost the average organization over $4M annually. TeleSign’s threat intelligence, verification, and phone number reputation scoring APIs securely register new users without friction to limit churn and improve conversion.

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Mitigate Fraud

Provide a layer of security beyond passwords to confirm digital identities and validate user information. TeleSign strengthens account authentication and informs risk models to minimize your future fraud risk.

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