End-User Verification

Push Verify SDK

An SDK that enables businesses to add two-factor authentication (2FA) and transaction verification for Web-based accounts into their existing mobile applications.

Deliver Secure Access to Web-Based Accounts Through Your Mobile App

For account logins and high-risk transactions it’s important to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks, spear phishing and user credential and password breaches. TeleSign Push Verify delivers greater protection and helps mitigate fraud in Web-based accounts.


Push notifications on their mobile device prompt end-users to approve, deny or deny and report as fraud for each authorization request. If activity is allowed, the user simply taps “approve” and they gain access to the site or a transaction can proceed.


A push code challenge is a randomized, numeric passcode that is displayed on your Web-based application. The user is then asked to input the code into your mobile-based application to approve online account access and transactions. Customized code challenges allow you to include more detailed transaction information for the user so they can understand exactly what they are authorizing.


Soft tokens work even if a user’s phone isn’t on a network or connected to the Internet. They provide an alternative authentication option in case push notifications are turned off or the user’s device is offline. Soft tokens are time-based, one-time passwords (TOTP) that are displayed on a user’s mobile device through your application and require the user to enter the time-sensitive code into your Web-based application to gain account access or complete a transaction.

*The SDK is available for iOS versions 6.x and higher and Android versions 4.1.x and higher.


Ensure Greater Protection for Online Account Access

Protect against suspicious account access and fraudulent usage online. End-users can alert of fraudulent activity providing real-time feedback and greater transparency into these activities.

Incorporate Your Branding & User Experience

Provisioning is easy as users don’t need to install new software or hardware. The branding and user experience is completely controlled by you as a part of your mobile application.

Complements SMS & Voice Verification

Designed to offer a lower cost user authentication method than SMS and voice-based one-time passcodes (OTP) for Web-based access, usage and recovery.

Carrier Independence

Uses any data stream, including WiFi, and therefore can handle authentication of account access and transactions even when out of carrier signal range.

TeleSign worked closely with us to ensure our UI/UX provided the best experience possible and would be easily adopted.

Dave Engberg, CTO, Evernote

How It Works

At user login, your Web application pushes an authorization to your mobile application that is already installed on the user's phone.
After the user selects "Allow" for one-click authorization on their mobile device they are automatically logged into their account online. The SDK uses any data stream, including WiFi, even when a carrier data signal is out of range.
For high-risk or high-value transactions, a
code is displayed on your Web application and
a push code challenge is sent to the user’s
The user enters the code currently displayed on the Web application into the mobile app to approve the transaction.

If the user did not initiate a transaction, Push Verify acts as a proactive alerting system of potentially compromised credentials. The user can reject the request and report as fraud.


Push Verify Video Overview

TeleSign Push Verify enables you to easily build two-factor authentication by integrating “one-click” push notifications through your existing native mobile app to gain account access and transaction verification for additional security. Watch to learn more!

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