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Delivers deep phone number data attributes that help optimize the user verification process and evaluate fraud risk
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Phone Number Intelligence to Reduce Risk

Attaching a verified phone to an end-user account helps protect it from compromise throughout the user journey. TeleSign PhoneID provides a wide range of risk assessment indicators on the number to help confirm user identity, delivering real-time decision making throughout the number lifecycle and ensuring only legitimate users are creating accounts and accessing your applications.


A TeleSign API that provides phone type and telecom carrier information to identify which phone numbers can receive SMS messages and/or a potential fraud risk.


A TeleSign API that delivers contact information related to the subscriber’s phone number to provide another set of indicators for established risk engines.



A TeleSign API that delivers insights such as whether a phone is active or disconnected, a device is reachable or unreachable and its roaming status.



A TeleSign API that uses intelligence on when a phone number has been truly deactivated, based on carriers’ phone number data and our proprietary analysis, to deliver a date and time stamp, in the event a trust anchor has been broken.




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Delivers ongoing key phone number data attributes to help make better decisions about new registrations and user activity.


Delivers deep number-related indicators to assist in detecting fraud and help evaluate risk of end-user verification.


Ensures you swiftly receive real-time data on phone numbers in the optimal format for faster decision-making on user verification.

“The network that TeleSign has is an enormous advantage and it is exactly what we needed.”

Ryan Ogle

Chief Technology Officer, Tinder

How It Works

A common use case and method for leveraging TeleSign’s PhoneID APIs is to use it as a passive indicator of risk during the initial account creation process for end users when doing phone verification:

When a new user registers for a Web or mobile account, the user’s number is automatically checked against a variety of phone number attributes.
Certain phone number attributes can be triggered to challenge end-users in the verification process, utilizing TeleSign's verification APIs.
If a new registrant should be challenged, TeleSign can deliver a time-based, one-time verification code to the user’s mobile phone via SMS or voice message or send a push notification via mobile app. If the verification fails, account creation can then be blocked.
If successful, the new end-user account can be created, establishing a "trust anchor" for the account, and the user is authenticated into the service.


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