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Telesign Taps Former Microsoft Privacy Attorney as Chief Privacy Officer

September 23, 2014

Telesign Team
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Los Angeles, September 23, 2014 – Telesign, the Mobile Identity company, today announced it has appointed Stephen Bolinger as the company’s Chief Privacy Officer & Vice President, Legal.

Bolinger will oversee Telesign’s global compliance and privacy policy and practices, affecting the largest Web and app brands on the planet and nearly every online user in the world. Bolinger also takes responsibility for data protection, product guidance and legal counsel, addressing privacy and data security from a global perspective. Bolinger has significant experience in the privacy sphere, having spent seven years in the Microsoft privacy team. This culminated in his role as EMEA Privacy Attorney, acting as a primary resource for data protection, privacy compliance, product guidance and policy engagement. Bolinger has a background in network and systems engineering before receiving a masters degree in law from Queen Mary University of London, specializing in privacy and compliance in the technology field.”In today’s world, privacy is paramount to both our clients and also their end users that we ultimately protect.

The appointment of Stephen as our Chief Privacy Officer is a clear statement of our commitment to privacy and compliance,” said Steve Jillings, CEO of Telesign. “We have always invested in the best talent possible and Stephen is another great example of that. This will give our clients further confidence that their data is held in the best possible hands. Telesign remains absolutely committed to making the Internet a safer place by protecting digital businesses and users from fraud.”Stephen Bolinger, Chief Privacy Officer of Telesign, said, “Privacy has always been a top priority for companies, but in recent months it has become glaringly obvious how closely privacy and data protection processes are linked to consumer trust in – and use of – every website they visit or app they use. Telesign’s mobile identity platform is already central to securing billions of user accounts around the world and I can’t wait to see the additional features and benefits we can create to help them further.

“Telesign’s rapid innovation and premium services have earned the trust of the world’s largest companies, protecting more than 3.5 billion accounts in over 200 countries and 85 languages. Telesign’s customers include 20 of the top 25 global Web properties and 9 of the top 10 U.S. Web properties.

About Telesign
Telesign protects the world’s largest Internet, mobile app, and cloud properties by establishing and verifying Mobile Identity.
Telesign’s Mobile Identity platform gives digital businesses the ability to connect a unique identity with every account to verify new registrations and authenticate existing users. Telesign created Mobile Identity to help businesses preserve their ecosystem by detecting a suspicious user before account creation, and to better protect their existing user base from account compromise. Telesign is trusted by the world’s largest companies and protects 3.5 billion accounts in more than 200 countries and in 87 languages.