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Telesign Enables New SMS Passcode Global Solution with Voice Authentication Service

April 28, 2011

Telesign Team

Los Angeles and Copenhagen – April 28, 2011 – Telesign, the market leader in phone-based authentication and verification services, today announced it has been selected by SMS PASSCODE as a provider of global, phone-based verification services for its newly-launched SMS PASSCODE Version 5. Under the partnership, Telesign will augment SMS PASSCODE’s existing on premise SMS delivery platform with Telesign’s global voice and SMS authentication service for one-time-password delivery.

“This alliance is important because it’s a strong acknowledgement of our leadership position and award-winning, best-in-class technology,” said Steve Jillings, Telesign CEO. “At the same time, it accelerates our growth in an already expanding marketplace and enables us to serve a large, established enterprise customer base.”

“As our customer base has expanded globally, we saw a need to augment our on premise SMS delivery with regionally specific demands such as the voice dial-out service pioneered in North America and secure e-mail in Asia,” said Lars Barthold Nielsen, Vice President, Commercial Operations, SMS PASSCODE. “For a mission critical application like ours, Telesign’s proven technology, ease of integration and focus on reliable authentication services was an ideal match.”

The partnership brings together Telesign, the leading global provider of Telephone Verification and Two-Factor Authentication and SMS PASSCODE, a recognized leading technology for implementing real-time, two-factor authentication for secure remote access. Tokenless Two-Factor Authentication leverages an end-user’s phone instead of introducing additional hardware to secure accounts. When creating or logging into an account, a user provides their valid user name and password, triggering an automated call or SMS with a one-time PIN code that is sent to the user’s phone. The user enters this PIN code back into the website or any of the SMS PASSCODE enabled employee remote access systems and once validated, they are granted access. The partnership with Telesign enables SMS PASSCODE to deploy the leading platform for global real-time mobile centric two-factor authentication.

The SMS PASSCODE Version 5 that embeds support for the Telesign service was released this month at the InfoSecurity Europe event in London and is immediately available.

About Telesign

With coverage in more than 200 countries and 50 languages, Telesign is the market leader in phone-based verification and authentication services. Telesign has processed more than one billion phone-based authentication transactions in a broad range of categories such as social media, lead generation, online classifieds, financial services, eCommerce and widely distributed cloud-based services. By sending a one-time PIN code via voice or SMS to an end user’s phone, Telesign’s technology authenticates the user in real time, immediately reducing fraud and spam. Telesign provides verification services for the world’s largest and most prominent web companies, transacting more volume than any other service provider, while maintaining industry-leading global deliverability rates with a guaranteed enterprise-level uptime. In addition to Telephone Verification, Telesign also provides Two-Factor Authentication, and PhoneID.


SMS PASSCODE¨ is the leading technology in two-factor authentication using your mobile phone. To protect against the rise in internet-based identity theft hitting both consumers and corporate employees, SMS PASSCODE offers a stronger authentication, via the mobile phone SMS service, compared to traditional alternatives. SMS PASSCODE¨ installs in minutes and is much easier to implement and administer, with the added benefit that users find it an intuitively smart way to gain better protection. The solution offers out-of-the-box protection of the standard login systems such as Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper and other IPsec and SSL VPN systems as well as websites. Installed at thousands of sites, this is a proven patent pending technology. For more information visit: or our blog at