TeleSign and the GDPR

Privacy and the GDPR are in our DNA. Compliance has to be embedded in everything that we do.

EU Connected

TeleSign is owned by BICS (a subsidiary of Proximus Group) which is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium – the beating heart of the European Union and the location of all her major institutions. That proximity to the epicenter of privacy rights, which will be enshrined by the GDPR, shines a spotlight on TeleSign’s role as a caretaker of privacy rights of all individuals, not just ones based in the EU.

- The personal data that we have belongs to the individuals themselves. The personal data is theirs, not ours.

- Individuals have the right to control how their personal data is processed.

- In the delivery of our products and services, we only use this personal data for approved purposes.

- The owners of the data have given us permission (consent) – a restricted license – to use their data for purposes that have been transparently disclosed to them.

- We will not abuse that restricted license, or in any way compromise the trust that is given to us.  

- We will steadfastly maintain this trust by complying with the GDPR, and any regulation that pertains to our services.

Contact Us

TeleSign’s GDPR compliance efforts areled by our Privacy Office (PO), which is comprised of IAPP-certified members ofthe Legal, Privacy and Security teams, and complemented by IAPP-certified employees in the Sales and Engineering teams.  They are available toanswer any questions regarding privacy and the GDPR at our Contact Us page.

Learn More

The full, global TeleSign team has been engaged to ensure that all elements of the GDPR are adhered to. Check out a blog post from Kiat Hui, our Global Information Security Director, to learn about 10 of the top things we’re doing to comply. To learn more about the GDPR, please check out the EU Commission’s guide to the GDPR at