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Digital identity is the passport to a happier internet. Give your customers a safe, seamless online experience. Silently verify and evaluate the risk of every interaction by simply collecting a phone number.

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Digital identification
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Unlock the powerful identity data that sits behind your customers’ phone numbers. Analyze billions of consumer data points, identity signals, and traffic patterns to streamline digital identification. Verify your customers’ identities without increasing friction.

Phone Number Intelligence
Harness billions of proprietary mobile identity signals
Adaptive Machine Learning
Machine learning that grows and adapts with your business
Dynamic Risk Scoring
Understand the risk of every customer interaction


Tap into multiple global data consortiums. Access phone number and subscriber attributes, analyze traffic for suspicious patterns, and benchmark against a global communications fraud database for seamless user identification.


Detect risk, block fraud, and keep your customers safe. Receive a risk assessment score that recommends the appropriate action of whether to allow, block, or flag a user’s interaction.

With a TeleSign data solution, we know more about our customers based on their phone number. We have more sophisticated tools to prevent abuse of our promotions and, from a customer acquisition standpoint, our efforts save money for the company.

Drew Tennenbaum
Head of Engineering
Atom Tickets prevents coupon abuse
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