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How TIER implemented Intelligence to streamline user registration

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  • Seamless integration
  • Enhanced security without adding friction
  • Decrease in credit card fraud
“In partnership with Telesign, TIER knows that the company’s protected from fraud and we can focus on other important topics.”
TIER Product Team
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About TIER

The ability to onboard new users without creating friction or churn is a ubiquitous challenge across industries. However, especially online and mobile applications have had to find new ways to move users through the registration process without unnecessary steps.

When TIER, the leading European micro-mobility provider, began to expand into additional countries and started to grow their user base more and more, they wanted to know how to register this growing number of legitimate users quickly and seamlessly in its mobile app without impacting the user experience itself. Additionally, the team noticed an increasing shift of workload to the task of manually validating users after failed registrations.

The challenge

Micro-mobility closes the transportation gap – the last mile or two that takes a consumer from the train station to their home or work. A micro-mobility company allows a user to download an app, connect, for example, to a scooter nearby, activate the scooter, ride it safely to their destination, and then disembark, leaving the scooter to the next passenger. With various security risks involved in this process, TIER needed a partner whom they could trust to help make their growing vision of a sustainable future a safe reality.

“TIER’s service accomplishes a simple but very important mission: getting people from Point A to Point B. And on top this happens even without harming the environment. Now in partnership with Telesign, we know that the platform is protected from fraud and we can focus on what’s important, changing mobility for good by getting people where they need to go, sustainably and safely.”

In the e-scooter space, there is a standard registration process:

  1. Download the mobile app
  2. Verify account with a one-time passcode, sent via SMS to phone
  3. Input credit card details directly into the app
  4. Ready to ride

Simple and seamless. However, without using digital identity to directly tie a phone number to a user, this process has vulnerabilities. And while many companies choose simplicity over security, TIER leverages Telesign in the onboarding process to accomplish both.

Woman scanning TIER scooter for rental

The solution

Telesign provides TIER access to world-class telco data and a proven track record in Digital Identity. TIER leverages Intelligence’s recommendation to determine whether a user should be allowed, blocked, or flagged for manual review. In seconds, the new user is given a score using their phone number and available attributes to indicate risk. The fraud risk API seamlessly integrates with TIER’s onboarding process without slowing down the customer.

With the help of Telesign, TIER has successfully blocked hundreds of fraudulent transactions in a day. TIER has also seen instances of credit card fraud drop.

By reducing fraud costs and automating user validation processes, TIER can spend more time and effort on other initiatives. The team no longer has to primarily focus on fraudulent users and analyze these users’ data, but can instead rely on Telesign’s expertise.

“It allows us to save time capacity and dedicate our teams for some other important topics for the company,” said the TIER Product Team.

More TIER scooters and fewer cars equate to fewer carbon emissions, and Telesign equates to a managed risk.