How TIER Implemented Score to Streamline Registration of New Users

The Challenge

When TIER began to expand into additional countries and started to grow its user base, they wanted to know how to register this growing number of legitimate users quickly and seamlessly in its mobile app without impacting the user experience itself. Additionally, the team noticed an increasing shift of workload to the task of manually validating users after failed registrations.

TeleSign Delivered

Seamless integration

Hundreds of fraudulent transactions blocked in a day

Decrease in credit card fraud

The Solution

TIER leverages Score’s recommendation to determine whether a user should be allowed, blocked, or flagged for manual review. In seconds, the new user is given a score using their phone number and available attributes to indicate risk.

“Now in partnership with TeleSign, TIER knows that the company’s platform is protected from fraud and we can focus on other important topics.”

TIER Product Team

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