Delivers mobile verification with TeleSign

The Challenge

Salesforce realized early on that mobility was becoming a major focus for businesses on a global scale. As part of this focus, the company felt the need to move away from email-based verification and authentication to a solution that not only enabled mobile computing, but leveraged a more secure infrastructure. This was a key driver in finding an alternative authentication solution to email and offering SMS Identity Confirmation through TeleSign made perfect sense.

TeleSign Delivered

Reach A Broader User Base

Decrease Fraudulent Registrations

Better User Experience

The Solution

To meet these challenges, Salesforce replaced email two-factor authentication as its default feature for Identity Confirmation with authentication via SMS using TeleSign. This brought numerous advantages. The mobile phone is the most universal personal device on the planet. By using this as a trust anchor, Salesforce was able to reach a broader user base, across the entire globe. Salesforce uses a variety of methods to verify that a login source is authorized. Now, whenever a Salesforce user logs on to a computer, browser or IP address that’s not recognized, their Identity Confirmation system triggers a onetime passcode (OTP) which is sent by SMS through TeleSign to the user’s mobile phone number on record.

We needed a partner that could scale to support our ever expanding global footprint. TeleSign delivered the scale we were looking for.

Chuck Mortimore

VP, Product Management, Identity, and Security, Salesforce

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