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How inDrive improved conversions and reduced costs

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  • SMS completion rates increased by 15%
  • Freed resources within the product teams, increasing process optimization
  • Up to 50% reduction in costs in specific markets
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"Utilizing Telesign' services gave us more confidence with our user registration process and security in general."
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About inDrive

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or freezing cold outside, the “gig economy” has created an industry where consumers can find themselves priced out of a ride due to a surge in fares at peak times. Most ride-hailing services rely on price manipulation and steep commission to the detriment of passengers and drivers.

Instead, inDrive, built on freedom and fairness, puts the power back in the passengers’ hands by allowing the driver and the passenger to negotiate lower fares directly.

The challenge

As one of the top worldwide ride-share apps by downloads, inDrive needed to develop a sign-up process that got drivers and riders quickly registered without any hassle. However, bad behavior and bad actors became increasingly creative, and inDrive also needed to prevent users from looking to circumvent the registration process fraudulently.

As the company and ride-sharing app grew exponentially, they faced the additional challenge of maintaining app security without disrupting the users’ experience. inDrive needed a reliable global vendor that could make sure users successfully received one-time-passcodes sent to verify account credentials.

In the past, users would call customer support because registration passcodes weren’t delivered to their phones. inDrive quickly realized their SMS vendor lacked the direct-to-carrier access and global coverage to successfully deliver messages to the intended user, negatively impacting the app’s revenue.

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The solution

InDrive chose to partner with Telesign to help resolve their verification challenges. Telesign’s verification API is now part of the application’s holistic approach to improve user experience and combat bad actors. Leveraging Telesign’s network of carriers around the world ensures the highest completion and delivery rates in the 31 countries worldwide that inDrive operates.

InDrive depends on SMS as a communication channel and knowing that their messages reach users is essential as part of their customer journey. Incorporating Telesign helped to optimize the entire customer registration process by creating a smooth and frictionless onboarding experience, which ultimately led to improved message delivery rates and cost reduction.

The results were immediate. SMS verification passcode completion rates have increased by as much as 15%.

Deploying multiple Telesign solutions has also resulted in an up to 50% reduction in costs in specific markets.

inDrive has freed resources within the Product teams, allowing other business areas to focus on optimizing processes.