TeleSign brings EA games straight to customers

The Challenge

Electronic Arts has always enjoyed great brand loyalty. As a prolific game publisher, EA is always pushing out new offerings. As such, EA wanted to find a new way to communicate to their users beyond traditional marketing channels. With so much content in the gaming space it’s easy for a new game’s release to be drowned out. With a substantial portion of their business moving to mobile, EA had an idea. What if we could reach out directly to our customers on the actual device they use for mobile gaming?

TeleSign Delivered

Increased Gamer Retention

Increased Mobile Spend

Increased Mobile Engagement

The Solution

EA partnered with TeleSign on a customer engagement solution that would alert users whenever a new mobile game was available. This is how it works. After a user opts-in to mobile notifications from EA, on the day of release a user is sent a link that will automatically download and install the new game. The user can be live and gaming within seconds. When EA looked back on the effectiveness of the campaign, the numbers were staggering. Day 1 retention was significantly higher for users that downloaded the game through the link provided by TeleSign compared to those that found the game on their own. This highly engaged, fiercely loyal customer base that opted into updates also spent more money in-game which was also a huge win for EA, not only were they generating more users, but users of a high value. More users + higher retention + increased spend was really the grand slam for EA’s mobile offering. The TeleSign solution also allows EA to generate interest about future titles, remind users of an update to an existing title or a promotion on a current game. Bottom line: EA and TeleSign know that an engaged user is a happy user and they will continue to use this communication technology to keep everyone informed on the latest news of their favorite game.

"Working with TeleSign allowed us to quickly and effectively integrate SMS text messaging into our application. The users that signed up for The Sims Mobile were more engaged, had stronger retention rates, and higher monetization rates. The technical implementation was straightforward and easy for our team and the business ROI was very strong."

Rob Bauman

EA Director, Partner Engagement & Operations

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