Citrix ShareFile provides additional security to global users with TeleSign

The Challenge

Citrix ShareFile was looking for a way to add an extra layer of online security with a robust solution that wouldn’t require customers to remember yet another series of usernames and passwords. Looking for a globally reliable authentication provider that not only emphasizes security but also the nuances of an easy user experience can be a difficult process. Citrix ShareFile needed a partner that could work with their UI/UX team to provide best practice recommendations and ensure that opting in and using two-factor authentication (2FA) would be as simple as possible while remaining extremely secure. TeleSign checked all the necessary requirements, including global coverage, convenient options like voice and SMS for every type of user, experience with similar customers, as well as an obsession with security and user experience. After vetting providers, Citrix ShareFile realized that TeleSign was unmatched in the industry and would be their partner going forward.

TeleSign Delivered

Protects User Data

Maintains Brand Reputation And Trust

Prevents Account Compromise

The Solution

Citrix ShareFile gave their users the option of activating multi factor authentication on their ShareFile account using TeleSign’s SMS verification. Once users choose this option, they are required to enter a one-time PIN code, sent to their phone number, already on record, whenever they log in from a new device or unknown IP address. This represents an extra layer of protection, beyond a username and password, which effectively blocks fraudsters from gaining access to an account, even if a fraudster has obtained the login credentials. Once a fraudster attempts to log in, 2FA is activated, preventing any possibility of account compromise. Unlike standard authentication procedures, the codes that SMS verification uses for 2FA login are unique and generated new every time. Were a breach to occur, and usernames and passwords stolen, ShareFile customers could still be certain their data was secure. Also, to allow for occasions when a customer might not have access to their primary phone number, Citrix ShareFile allows them to add a back-up number. An effective fallback, because very few people, no matter where they happen to be, will not have access to one of their two numbers. Using TeleSign, Citrix can provide phone-based 2FA in more than 200 countries in 87 languages. Citrix ShareFile’s business partners and users can be confident that SMS verification is fully effective everywhere they are. In addition to SMS verification, Citrix ShareFile also used TeleSign’s voice verification for markets where SMS coverage may be unreliable; where receiving an SMS incurs a costs for the user, for users who cannot receive SMS (like a fixed line phone), or for those who just preferred to be contacted by a voice call. Since offering ShareFile users the option of two-factor authentication by SMS or voice call through TeleSign, Citrix enabled security conscious customers to avoid a breach on their account with stronger access controls. Many competitors in the file sharing market have experienced security issues resulting in a negative image in the press. By using TeleSign, not only has user data been protected, but Citrix ShareFile’s brand reputation and the trust placed in it by its customers has remained intact.

Providing current and future ShareFile customers with the capability to leverage multifactor authentication to protect access to their sensitive data is a best practice that is quickly becoming industry standard and personally gives me peace of mind.

Manny Landron


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