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BigDataCorp partners with Telesign to strengthen digital identity

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  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Seamless integration
  • Better fraud risk detection
  • Better user experience
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“Having dealt with other complex third-party providers in the past, integrating Telesign products into our existing workflows was a seamless process.”
Felipe Chaves Director of Partnerships at BigDataCorp
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Telesign Phone ID: Contact, Subscriber Status, SIM Swap, Porting Status, and Porting History

About BigDataCorp

BigDataCorp is the one of the leading data tech companies in Latin America. Founded in 2013, BigDataCorp helps companies capture and structure pioneering digital identity data products in Brazil.

The challenge

Managing diverse, rapidly growing data sets is a complex endeavor. And
that’s where BigDataCorp has excelled. But an overlooked and challenging component of BigDataCorp’s success is establishing data partnerships with companies who maintain rigorous data privacy and compliance standards.

Phone numbers have become unique digital identifiers, but their global ubiquity has opened the door to fraudulent attack vectors. Businesses and consumers have become victims of SIM swapping, port-out fraud, spoofing, and other types of fraud. To better serve its customers, BigDataCorp needed a reliable way to verify phone number ownership while evaluating its potential risks.

For BigDataCorp, data quality is paramount. When evaluating potential solutions, sourcing a mobile identity provider with best-in-class speed, accuracy, and coverage was critical.

An accelerated go-to-market strategy was a top priority for BigDataCorp and they needed a vendor with a turnkey offering, comprehensive documentation, and consultative support.

The solution

After evaluating Brazil’s mobile identity landscape, BigDataCorp partnered with Telesign to further enhance its digital identity offering. By leveraging Telesign’s Phone ID data attributes—including Contact, Subscriber Status, SIM Swap, Porting Status, and Porting History—BigDataCorp was able to significantly enhance the accuracy of its data.

Telesign’s Phone ID products offered complete coverage across Brazil, and the mobile identity attributes proved to be effective for detecting fraud risk while delivering an enhanced user experience. With Telesign, BigDataCorp and their clients were better positioned to assess the strength, value, and risk by using their phone number attributes.


By partnering with Telesign, BigDataCorp was able to improve its data sources and validate users accurately with their associated phone numbers. Telesign’s solutions were seamlessly integrated into BigDataCorp’s low code workflows, which is a testament to Telesign’s easy-to-implement APIs and meticulous technical documentation.

With Telesign’s identity solutions, BigDataCorp has reduced fake account sign-ups, validated phone numbers, and verified new-user identity attributes. The quality of Telesign’s solution has helped BigDataCorp strengthen its product offering, attract new partners, and grow its business.

Over the last two years, Telesign has helped BigDataCorp bring partners and businesses together, with the help of this successful partnership.

“Telesign is one of our leading partners. With a single integration, we’re able to utilize their robust mobile identity attributes. Working with Telesign has really accelerated our ability to scale.”

Felipe Chaves
Director of Partnerships at BigDataCorp.