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The rise of fraud takes a toll on consumers

Las marcas que muestran este símbolo han implementado normas de prevención de fraude estrictas para proteger tu identidad digital.

The rise of fraud takes a toll on consumers

According to a recent survey, the 2023 Telesign Trust Index, increasing digital fraud affects the financial and psychological health of consumers.


of consumers report being a victim of fraud in the last three years.


of consumers report financial losses, and one-third of victims report losses of more than $1,000


of consumers cite mental health concerns and 44% characterize the incident as being “very impactful” on them.

The Telesign Trust Certified Badge and you

When you see the Telesign Trust Certified Badge online, rest assured that the company you’re doing business with has implemented strict fraud prevention measures and is working to fight fraud on your behalf.