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One of the most important values we hold as a company is to share what we have learned and evangelize these best practices. Below you’ll find a library of our eGuides.

How to Increase Mobile Registration Conversions, Stop Spam, and Establish Mobile IdentityMarch 21, 2014

The registration process must change to prevent fraud and accommodate a user base that views life on a small screen. This eGuide will show you how to update your mobile and app registration process to get users in faster while maintaining or improving your current security protocol with Mobile Identity.


TeleSign Fraud Report Feb 2014February 24, 2014

This report will demonstrate locations, patterns, and traffic irregularities caused by automated account creation.


Two-Factor Authentication Evaluation ChecklistSeptember 26, 2013

Check out this checklist for a list of key questions to ask prospective solution providers to better evaluate competitive 2FA offerings.


Think SMS is Easy?May 28, 2013

Learn about the key differences between generic SMS API and mission-critical SMS API services for delivering important security messages and alerts.


Prevent Social Spam and Fraud from Sabotaging your BrandJanuary 14, 2013

This special report takes a close look at social spam, including the different flavors and the risks they represent, and existing approaches to defend against it.


‘Tis the Season for Call Center FraudSeptember 27, 2012

This eGuide explores how call centers are getting the upper hand in protecting themselves against social engineering and other emerging threats.


25 Ways to Spot a FraudsterAugust 21, 2012

By using a variety of phone-based attributes, companies can create a better risk profile of a user and the risk factors of any online transaction.


Stop Compromised AccountsSeptember 30, 2011

This eGuide examines the nature and the extent of account compromise, and how phone-based verification and authentication can help safeguard your end users.


The Fraud EpidemicAugust 1, 2011

Learn about the commercial and technical viability of popular and emerging verification methods such as CAPTCHA and biometrics and how companies are increasingly turning to phone-based verification.



For guidance and educational tips on phone-based authentication, verification, and business intelligence, watch these short videos.

Our Products

PhoneID In Plain EnglishNov 19, 2012

Discover how TeleSign’s PhoneID enables web companies to identify high-risk transactions by understanding the risk triggers associated with a phone number.

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Social Media Security ThreatsAug 22, 2012

Sean Whitley, Social Networks specialist at TeleSign, talks about some of the threats social networks face, and the steps to take to prevent account compromise.

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PhoneID ContactJul 16, 2012

Learn how PhoneID Contact provides the name, address and registration location information to enable real-time decision-making.

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Gaming: Protecting Players’ AccountsJun 11, 2012

Player accounts are more valuable than ever, so gaming companies must protect against the increased threats of account compromise and stolen currency.

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Validating Users and Compliance for Hosting CompaniesJun 11, 2012

TeleSign enables domain and hosting providers to substantially reduce fraud and chargebacks, prevent account compromise, and automate the manual review process.

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Improve Quality of Lead DataJun 11, 2012

See how TeleSign’s PhoneID provides leads buyers with high quality leads, enabling them to increase margins and improve sales efficiency.

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Preventing Fraud in Online PaymentsJun 11, 2012

TeleSign has teamed with Kount to enable merchants to access multiple fraud signals, including phone data, within a single view to help prevent fraud.

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Lower Operational Costs with TeleSign VerifyJun 01, 2012

Learn how phone verification works, how some of our clients have implemented it, and the results online merchants have seen by implementing phone verification.

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Security Challenges in eCommerceMay 31, 2012

Phone verification, coupled with PhoneID, enables merchants to approve legitimate orders faster, reduce the number of manual reviews, and lessen customer friction.

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Cloud Security in Plain EnglishMay 02, 2012

The convenience of the Cloud invites security vulnerabilities that must be protected. Find out how two-factor authentication can help secure your cloud-based assets.

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Two-Factor Authentication in Plain EnglishMar 01, 2012

Need a quick primer on phone-based authentication? This two-minute video describes what two-factor authentication is, how it works, and the benefits in plain English.

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REST API SecurityFeb 20, 2012

Learn how TeleSign’s easy-to-use REST API with HMAC will properly authenticate all communications, and safeguard transactions from manipulation.

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SecureAuth Demos Integrated Two-Factor AuthenticationDec 05, 2011

See how SecureAuth works with TeleSign to deliver phone-based two-factor authentication in conjunction with their Identity Enforcement Platform.

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TeleSign: Validate LeadsSep 08, 2011

TeleSign's Telephone Verification prevents invalid phone numbers from making it past the registration process by validating the phone number in real-time.

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TeleSign: Verify BusinessesSep 08, 2011

TeleSign's Telephone Verification enables websites with business listings to reduce time-consuming manual reviews by automating business verification.

View Video Two Factor AuthenticationAug 30, 2011

See how TeleSign is powering’s new SMS Identity Confirmation service by authenticating users logging in from an unknown source.

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Telephone Verification DemoAug 08, 2011

Learn from Caitlin Huey how TeleSign’s Telephone Verify SMS and Verify Voice can simplify the verification process by capturing a user’s phone number.

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After CAPTCHAAug 07, 2011

Discover why CAPTCHA and simple usernames and passwords are no longer enough to secure online assets.

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Reduce the Cost of Manual ReviewsAug 06, 2011

Online merchants use TeleSign’s Verify (SMS and Voice) and PhoneID to make eCommerce more efficient, secure, and profitable.

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Our Company

TeleSign Announces TeleSign MobileFeb 11, 2013

Learn about the launch of TeleSign Mobile, the Messaging Services Division of TeleSign.

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TeleSign: Our Employees, Our FutureAug 06, 2012

Forrest Hobbs, Vice President of Sales at TeleSign, talks about one of the factors contributing to TeleSign's success: an amazing group of people.

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TeleSign: What We DoMar 23, 2012

CEO, Steve Jillings talks about how businesses protect their customers from account hijacking and fraud.

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Hak5 Catches Up with Charles McColgan at RSA 2012Mar 20, 2012

Hak5's Darren catches up with CTO, Charles McColgan, at RSA 2012 about Two-Factor Authentication, PhoneID and what weak passwords can mean for user security. 

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Client Services: Here to HelpFeb 20, 2012

Acting as your company’s fraud prevention partner, the Client Services team plays a critical role in helping you meet your fraud prevention goals.

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Partner with TeleSignSep 14, 2011

Partner with TeleSign to provide your customers with an extra layer of security that goes way beyond traditional usernames and passwords.

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Check out these datasheets to learn more about our solutions and the industries we serve.

TeleSign AuthIDOctober 17, 2013

TeleSign AuthID is a mobile authentication app that offers both soft token and push notification functionality. When offered alongside voice and SMS, as part of TeleSign’s authentication suite, it allows users to select the authentication method of their choice.


TeleSign Verify 2-Way SMSSeptember 26, 2013

TeleSign Verify 2-Way SMS serves the security needs of businesses looking to protect transactions, logins, and password resets against would-be cybercriminals and spammers. Verify 2-Way SMS provides an out-of-band method for confirming online logins and transactions.


PhoneID ContactOctober 1, 2012

PhoneID Contact provides the name and address, phone type, and registration location information for your user’s phone number.


Public SectorJune 14, 2012

Public organizations face the threat of cyber-terrorism, malicious activities, and the theft of government assets. TeleSign 2FA adds a critical layer of security beyond username and password to secure access to sensitive government data and comply with regulations such as CJIS.


Hosting & RegistrarsJune 14, 2012

There’s a better way of validating WHOIS information and domain purchases, and protecting your ICANN accreditation than manual or email verification.


PaymentsJune 14, 2012

Learn how to detect fraudulent transactions more efficiently, prevent account compromise, reduce fraud losses, and increase conversion of legitimate transactions.


Social NetworksJune 14, 2012

TeleSign protects social networking and online dating sites by providing an additional layer of security to help protect your user’s privacy and prevent account compromise.


GamingJune 14, 2012

Online gaming transactions include direct transfers, in-game mail, and in-game trading. Here’s what you need to know to keep your players and their accounts protected.


CloudJune 14, 2012

Learn how to protect account access, reduce fraudulent registrations, and reduce help desk costs with phone-based verification and authentication.


EducationJune 14, 2012

Universities struggle to strike the balance between security and convenience when authenticating their personnel and student bodies. There’s an easier way.


PhoneIDJune 14, 2012

Learn how your user’s phone type can be used to identify high-risk transactions, and which phones can receive an SMS.


Financial Services Data SheetJune 13, 2012

Provide high-level account access security to prevent account compromise, while maintaining low operational costs and ease of use.


eCommerce OverviewMarch 2, 2012

Verifying users at checkout helps reduce the cost of manual reviews, reduces chargebacks, and provides eMerchants with an audit trail.


TeleSign 2FA OverviewMarch 2, 2012

TeleSign’s two-factor authentication protects accounts from compromise without the usual set-up, training, and hardware costs.


Lead GenerationFebruary 1, 2012

Lead buyers and sellers struggle to cost-effectively validate lead data to ensure that leads are both contactable and likely to convert. TeleSign can help.


LeadGen Data SheetJanuary 30, 2012

Lead buyers and sellers struggle to cost-effectively validate lead data to ensure that leads are both contactable and likely to convert. TeleSign can help.


Case Studies

We deliver the highest level of service to meet the demands of the world’s largest companies. Here’s a few case studies to give you a taste of the value that we bring to the table.

TeleSign Helps Internet Payments Provider Fight Fraudsters and Ensure Online SecurityMarch 1, 2012

TeleSign’s Telephone Verification and PhoneID resulted in a 20% reduction in resources dedicated to manual reviews and a 7-8% reduction in overall fraud. Read this case study to learn about the many benefits of the joint solution.


TeleSign’s Telephone Verification Enables to Eliminate Over $1.5 Million in Annual FraudAugust 11, 2011

Read how satisfied its commitment to upstream registry partners by preventing the creation of thousands of bogus domain purchases every month.



Check out these webinars to learn more about the world of online fraud and the tactics you can take to safeguard your users and brand.

Protect Your Brand and Users with Two-Factor AuthenticationMar 04, 2013

TeleSign & iovation Integration - iovation and TeleSign share how to address modern malware and account takeover threats with a powerful combination of using phone verification and device reputation intelligence together.

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Prevent Social SpamDec 13, 2012

It’s time to take a more holistic approach with new tools that are now available to give these social networks and online directories an upper hand in combating fraud. Check out this webinar to learn more.

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Webinar: Confessions of a FraudsterJun 01, 2012

TeleSign sat down with one of Britain's most successful fraudsters, Tony Sales, as he revealed valuable insights into the inner workings and techniques of the online fraud world.

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