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Mobile Identity

We use Mobile Identity to help businesses know more about their users, confirm that their users are who they say they are, and communicate important messages.

One of the biggest challenges for digital businesses is protecting a trusted user and preserving the ecosystem from fraud and hacks. We created Mobile Identity to give digital businesses the ability to connect a unique identity to every account. With our Mobile Identity products, you can do both  — preserve your ecosystem by detecting a suspicious user before account creation, and prevent account compromise for your trusted user base.

Born from Business Need

TeleSign was created to save a digital commerce company from overwhelming fraud. With so much uncertainty about who was behind each account, they needed to find a way to verify users anywhere in the world without introducing unnecessary friction or delays. Using a customer’s phone number was the best way to authenticate a global user base, and TeleSign was created to serve this need.

We started with phone-based authentication services, and as we anticipated changes in hacker behavior we introduced our line of data products. These products reveal important fraud indicators based on a user’s phone number.

Every product we deliver is driven by our fundamental belief in the power of Mobile Identity to make the Internet a safer place

Battle-Tested by the Best

Our customers are demanding, and rightfully so, their expectations are high, but the drive and passion to exceed those expectations is core to our culture.

We’ve invested in the architecture, the people, the global operator relationships, and the processes to ensure the premium quality of our authentication products. Leveraging our insight into the volume of traffic and the data behind those transactions, we’ve developed an impressive ability to predict fraud, based on phone attributes, data and patterns in behavior and traffic.

The largest global companies consistently choose us for the expertise of our people, the quality of our solutions, and the uniqueness of our products.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Steve Jillings

Steve JillingsChief Executive Officer

Steve Jillings — serial entrepreneur, epicurean, travel adventurer — has a successful track record of growing start-ups and growth stage companies to highly profitable ventures, creating employee and shareholder value. As an experienced executive, Jillings is recognized for building strong leadership teams, fast-tracking company growth, and creating products and services that provide true differentiation.

Charles McColgan

Charles McColganChief Technology Officer

Charles McColgan – security sophist, tech wonk, cerevisaphile – spearheads the technical development, operations, and long-term vision of TeleSign. He brings 20 years of industry experience, including 10 years creating and operating SaaS operations used by thousands of enterprises in the security and messaging space.

Matt Hardy

Matt HardyChief Financial Officer

Matt Hardy — finance guru, proud Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owner, handyman master — has a successful record of working with small tech companies, raising profits and guiding them to acquisition. He brings over 15 years of industry experience working in both the finance and technology sectors. Hardy is recognized in the field for building company’s market capital while substantially increasing shareholder value.

Brian Czarny

Brian CzarnySenior Vice President, Marketing

Brian Czarny — product marketing veteran, cloud security pioneer, avid runner — is a senior marketing executive with a formidable track record in building and managing results-oriented teams for leading technology companies, with a deep understanding of cloud-based security services. He brings extensive experience in product marketing, strategy, branding, marketing communications and demand generation to his leadership of TeleSign’s Marketing team.

Forrest Hobbs

Forrest HobbsSenior Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Forrest Hobbs — global sales driver, outdoor enthusiast, proud father — leads a team which now includes North American divisions in Sunnyvale, Seattle and Los Angeles; European offices in London and Belgrade, Serbia; and Asian operations based in Singapore. He brings fifteen years of Sales, Marketing and Business Development experience to TeleSign, the last ten focused on building direct and partner sales organizations for cloud security and productivity software businesses.

Jess Leroy

Jess LeroySenior Vice President, Product Management

Jess Leroy — Consummate strategist, rock lyricist, proud papa & world wanderer — is a technology veteran with deep product management experience across a range of high profile technology companies. He brings extensive experience in product strategy, networking, cloud, and cyber security to his leadership of TeleSign’s Product team.

Max Powers

Max PowersSenior Vice President, Business Operations

Max Powers — avid kickboxer, proud bulldog enthusiast, and client maven —leads TeleSign’s client services, and directs the operational business team. She ensures that client services helps TeleSign global customers optimize their service workflow, shorten their service integration time, and solve immediate real-world security and fraud challenges. Under her leadership the operational business team concentrates on global service delivery, and includes TeleSign’s routing organization, responsible for delivering and monitoring key services, with an obsessive focus on high quality delivery, and growing key strategic partner relationships.

Darren Berkovitz

Darren BerkovitzVice President and Co-founder

Darren Berkovitz — cinema enthusiast, high-tech junkie, and laugh practitioner — has an instinct for identifying great ideas and the business savvy to turn them into profitable companies. Darren develops strategic partnerships and accounts, executes company- wide strategy, and evangelizes TeleSign within the industry. He focuses his time working with consumer web properties and mobile apps, helping them fully leverage the capabilities of mobile identity.

Stephen Bolinger

Stephen BolingerChief Privacy Officer & Vice President, Legal

Stephen Bolinger — privacy maven, technology enthusiast, and coffee savant — oversees TeleSign’s global privacy program. CIPP certified since 2007, Bolinger is responsible for data protection, product guidance and legal counsel. He draws on significant experience in this area, including seven years as a key participant in the development and implementation of Microsoft’s privacy and data protection strategy for cloud computing.

Matt Camassa

Matt CamassaVice President, Sales - Americas

Matt Camassa - die-hard Yankees fan, whiskey aficionado, Italian culture and family devotee - has built and led cloud business development and sales teams with several successful start-ups. His track record of success stems from his passion for partnering and focus on planning, metrics and execution. Camassa brings fifteen years of Sales and Business Development experience to TeleSign, the last ten at leading security companies focused on establishing strategic business partners, creating robust channels to sell-through and consultative selling at the C-level.

Ryan Disraeli

Ryan DisraeliVice President and Co-founder

Ryan Disraeli — idea architect, grill master, sports fanatic — devotes much of his time to consulting with TeleSign’s enterprise customers and partners, enabling them to get the most out of our technology, and use the full power of telco data to protect their ecosystem. In this role he is able to call on his experience in launching new companies, technical business management, and product management in the Internet security and telecoms industries.

Matt Kozlov

Matt KozlovVice President, Corporate Development

Matt Kozlov — digital entertainment ace, accomplished saxophonist, craft spirits connoisseur — has a passion for digital media that is only exceeded by his commitment to 2FA, having been the attempted target of identity theft more times than he cares to remember. As head of corporate development, Matt is responsible for identifying and evaluating strategic opportunities to accelerate TeleSign’s market and product leadership.

James Monaghan

James MonaghanVice President, Carrier Products

James Monaghan — product management aficionado, startup champion, cocktail enthusiast — has a record of driving tech innovation and positive change in fast-growing startups, successful acquisitions, and multinational corporations alike. When he’s not busy building up TeleSign’s mobile network operator-facing capabilities, James is most likely trying to shave a few minutes off his marathon time so he can spend them with his young family.

Terry Somers

Terry SomersVice President, Network Operations

Terry Somers — wanna be golf pro, dog person, Da Bears fan — brings more than three decades of experience managing worldwide networks for industry-leading technology enterprises, Somers is no stranger to the demands of supporting mission-critical enterprise application services. In his role at TeleSign, Somers oversees all network operations and is responsible for providing clients with a reliable and consistent experience by keeping the systems running smoothly and efficiently around the clock.

Stacy Stubblefield

Stacy StubblefieldCo-founder and Vice President, Product Strategy

Stacy Stubblefield — globetrotting technologist, internet criminal profiler, ultimate fraudster denier — builds on two decades of experience conceiving and building internet companies. Stubblefield drives TeleSign's product strategy, and identifies opportunities for innovation. She currently works with the office of the CTO, ensuring that TeleSign delivers groundbreaking technology that best addresses market needs.

Nancy Vitug

Nancy VitugVice President, Engineering

Nancy Vitug — engineering trail-blazer, amateur rock-climber, and book worm — drives TeleSign’s product roadmap and provides technical and managerial leadership for TeleSign’s global engineering team. Vitug draws on twenty years’ software development experience with some of the world’s leading Internet properties, including Skype, Microsoft, and FrontBridge.

Craig Whitney

Craig WhitneyVice President, Digital Carrier Services

Craig Whitney — keen golfer, gadget addict, long-suffering NY Mets fan — is a veteran of the IT industry in Europe. In addition to his career-long experience in launching European operations, he brings 15 years of dedicated Information Security knowledge to the TeleSign team. With EMEA operations established, Whitney now leads TeleSign’s international carrier initiatives, which build on TeleSign’s strategic telco partnerships to drive Industry innovation.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials



“Protecting user data is a critical component of Evernote’s business. When we decided to deploy two-step verification, we knew that it would be beneficial to our users, but only if they could easily activate the functionality. TeleSigns’ solutions provided Evernote a combination of robust infrastructure, tools and guidance to help us keep user’s data safe and the user experience intuitive.”

Philip Constantinou, Evernote's VP of Products

Session M

Session M

“TeleSign’s PhoneID Standard product allowed us to identify and allow only Mobile and Prepaid Mobile phone types to participate in our mobile app M points promotional campaign while TeleSign’s SMS two-factor authentication solution reduced our undesirable orders by 55%.”

Bill Farrell, Senior Product Manager
Session M



“And thanks for making a clean, well-documented REST API, with a working Python SDK on github!  That was a big help in my research and learning efforts.”

Chris J. Galli, Development Lead, Kount

“TeleSign’s Telephone Verification proved to be extremely effective because fraudsters are reluctant to provide a traceable piece of information.”

Paul Carter, Vice President of Operations,



“Dwolla’s innovations push the envelope of what’s expected, so it’s great to have a tech vendor that’s able to do the same.”

Charise Flynn, COO, Dwolla



“Working with TeleSign has been extremely smooth.  The integration of phone verification was simple and their sales and client services teams are very responsive and professional.”

Ravi Bhatt, Director of Trust and Safety, oDesk



“Jimdo launched a big project in Mexico with a special promotion offer. The value of the offer is high and customers can start for free, so we had to make sure that it’s fraud protected and that registrations per person are limited. TeleSign’s phone and text message verification solved this problem for us without making the process too complicated for our customers.”

Matthias Henze, Co-founder, Jimdo



“TeleSign’s verification solutions have allowed us to implement strong security measures without negatively affecting user experience and sales.”

Nick Lynch, VP Platforms, engage:BDR



“For a mission-critical application like ours, TeleSign’s proven technology, ease of integration, and focus on reliable authentication services was an ideal match.”

Lars Barthold Nielsen, Vice President Commercial Operations, SMS PASSCODE

Eagle Web Assets

Eagle Web Assets

“We’re are very impressed with the service. Your API is very well documented, and everything “just worked” without any problems. After dealing with so many companies that offer sub-par APIs and services this is a very welcomed relief!”

Mike Everhart, Engineer, Eagle Web Assets Inc.
Eagle Web Assets

“Using TeleSign’s PhoneID with Telephone Verification, we saw a 99% reduction in chargebacks, reduced our manual review cost by 80%, which resulted in an over $70,000 saving since implementing TeleSign solutions 3 months ago.”

Vincentas Grinius, Support Executive,



“TeleSign’s Phone Verification and PhoneID have been instrumental in significantly reducing users from defrauding our website. TeleSign’s industry expertise has been incredibly helpful with determining our fraud strategy.”

Scott Dudelson, COO, Swagbucks


Careers at TeleSign

We’re in the midst of a sea of change. TeleSign is leading the Mobile Identity revolution by helping digital companies protect their users and preserve their ecosystem. TeleSign is a fast-paced environment for folks looking to take on a challenge and make the Internet a safer place.

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