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Reduce wasteful spending by detecting fraudulent OTP attempts

Block SMS one-time passcodes (OTPs) from being sent to phone numbers with risk scores higher than the threshold you set with Telesign’s Verify Plus. Start testing in minutes with a free trial account.

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Enhanced fraud detection

Businesses lose billions of dollars every year to attacks from fraudsters. By tapping into 15+ years of historical data patterns, Telesign Verify Plus provides a real-time risk assessment to help you keep out the bad guys while safeguarding your bottom line. 

Reduce wasteful spending

Stop OTPs from being sent to fraudulent numbers and/or high-cost countries

Detect fraud on a global scale

Enable flexible country-specific thresholds for increased management and functionality

Assess risk in milliseconds

Make timely risk-based decisions without delaying your SMS verification workflow

SMS OTP Fraud Risk

SMS pumping and artificially inflated traffic (AIT) are on the rise. Hover over any country to understand your risk and see a recommendation for how to use Verify Plus to protect your business.

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Stop SMS OTP Fraud

Stop SMS OTP Fraud

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