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SDK for Building 2FA Into Existing Web and Mobile Apps

7 10 月, 2014

Telesign Team
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Los Angeles – Oct. 7, 2014 – Telesign, the Mobile Identity Company, today announced the launch of Telesign AuthID Kit, a free software development kit (SDK) that enables Web and mobile application developers to easily and securely embed advanced security features, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), within their native mobile applications. To reduce the cost barrier to providing two-factor authentication to all users, Telesign is providing AuthID Kit for free for Telesign customers with consumer-facing applications. Available as a mobile developer SDK for both iOS and Android, Telesign AuthID Kit provides developers with a suite of authentication tools they can use to secure online account access, verify transactions, and recover accounts for their end users, while giving developers full control over the user experience, branding, and workflow delivered through their mobile application.

Cloud service providers and application developers today are seeking a more secure mechanism for securing user accounts and data from potential compromise by hackers, while maintaining control over their product user experience and brand identity. Offering 2FA adds an additional layer of security to user accounts and transactions, preventing account takeover and reducing fraudulent or malicious activity.

“From the recent theft of 1.2 billion sets of credentials to the hacking of celebrity accounts, it’s easy to understand why consumers are questioning the current state of online security,” said Steve Jillings, CEO, Telesign. “We built Telesign AuthID Kit to allow service providers and application developers to help solve this problem by easily embedding 2FA security directly into their existing mobile apps. We have removed many of the complexities a developer may face as they strive to raise assurance and make applications and websites more secure for all users.”Some of the key features of Telesign AuthID Kit include:

Easy to Implement Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – Telesign customers can easily embed two-factor authentication into any existing mobile application and utilize multiple methods for verifying and authenticating end users, including: push authorization, code challenges and soft tokens.

Your Brand & User Experience – Delivered as an SDK, Telesign AuthID Kit provides complete flexibility in how all verification and authentication functionality and notifications are built into a customer’s application and presented to the end user. There is no need for users to install stand-alone applications, and everything is maintained under the customer’s existing brand.

No Per User Fees or Ongoing Transactional Costs – Telesign AuthID Kit is available free for Telesign customers with consumer applications, removing a major cost barrier to providing advanced user authentication. Since the SDK uses a data stream instead of SMS or voice messages for handling authentication, there are also no ongoing transactional costs incurred to authenticate logins or verify transactions.

Complements SMS & Voice Verification – Telesign AuthID Kit is designed to offer a complementary method of performing verification and authentication of users, during account access, usage and recovery, to using SMS and Voice. Customers can configure how and when to use mobile application-based authentication versus SMS or Voice.Not Dependent on Carrier Service – Telesign AuthID Kit uses any data stream, including Wi-Fi, and therefore can handle verification and authentication of account access and transactions even when out of carrier signal range. For example, a user flying on a plane at 36,000 feet who needs to authenticate access to a Web application over in-air Wi-Fi.

24/7 Global Support – In order to ensure help and troubleshooting are always available, Telesign AuthID Kit is backed by worldwide customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Detailed Reporting – Telesign AuthID Kit includes detailed reporting and analytics for all verification and authentication events.

iOS & Android – Telesign AuthID Kit is available as an SDK for both iOS (version 6.x and higher) and Android (version 4.1.x and higher). To find out more about Telesign and the new Telesign AuthID Kit product, visit us on the Web at or follow us on Twitter at @Telesign.

About Telesign
Every second, of every day, Telesign protects the world’s largest Internet, mobile, and cloud properties by establishing and verifying Mobile Identity. Telesign’s Mobile Identity platform gives digital businesses the ability to connect a unique identity with every account to verify new registrations and authenticate existing users. Telesign created Mobile Identity to help businesses preserve their ecosystem by detecting a suspicious user before account creation, and to better protect their existing user base from account compromise.Telesign is trusted by the world’s largest companies and protects 2.5 billion accounts in more than 200 countries and in 87 languages.