How World-Class Brands Verify Their Customers

December 15, 2021 12:00 PM

Two-factor authentication remains a critical, foundational component of your fraud prevention process: it strengthens username/password authentication by proving the person accessing your ecosystem has possession of the associated number.  

But who is the person behind the number? Can they be trusted?

Join me for a peer-to-peer roundtable moderated by Blake Piccolo, Identity Product Manager, on December 15th at 12 pm EST to discuss How World-Class Brands Verify their Customers. We’ll provide the meal; you bring your expertise, questions, and insights.

Let’s discuss how verifying digital identity helps you prevent:

  • Sim Swap & ATOs
  • Promo Fraud
  • IRSF
  • Fake Accounts

Who’s behind the number? Let’s find out!  


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