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Block bots, fake users, and spammers at scale

Telesign Verify Plus conducts real-time risk assessments to detect fraudulent threats before sending a one-time passcode (OTP). Start testing in minutes with a free trial account.

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Fight fraud with no extra integration work


New account or login attempt


Risk score generated for phone number


SMS OTP is blocked or sent based on risk threshold set by user

Enhanced platform security

One in four new account sign-ups are fake. Keep your business and customers safe from fraudulent threats. Verify Plus makes it easy by blocking SMS OTPs from being sent to phone numbers with risk scores higher than the threshold you set.

Prevent fraudulent sign-ups

Validate authentic users and screen for risky new users and bulk account creation

Ensure a frictionless experience

Make informed risk-based decisions without adding unnecessary friction or intervention

Native integration

Eliminate the need for a costly, custom fraud platform by easily implementing Verify Plus into your MFA workflow

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