By 2017, forecasts predict there will be 2.4 billion social media users worldwide.* The rise of social media has affected the way people work, live and play. These large networks of engaged users have attracted $41B (by 2017)** of annual digital ad spend. However, both end-users and the businesses targeting them are growing frustrated as fraud-related user complaints have quadrupled over the last five years and ad-fraud has contributed to nearly 60% of digital advertising budgets being wasted.***

TeleSign helps social media companies securely grow their user bases and revenue by providing account security solutions that help them predict, prevent and respond to fraud.


Businesses and Users Pay the Price of Fraud

US consumers reported over $60M in social media-related fraud loss during the last 6 months of 2014. 24% of US Internet users have reported being “less active” on social media because they think there is too much spam--caused by bots and fake users. Weak passwords leave user accounts vulnerable to attack--enabling hackers to take over accounts and post damaging content.
Social Media Fraud to Watch Out For

Fake accounts

Account takeover

Spam & Phishing


Rampant registration of fake users has lead to digital advertising crisis. Marketers do not want to pay for fraudulent traffic; 33% of digital media buyers rate ad fraud as the most import media quality indicator.****

Improve Revenue and Increase User Engagement By Decreasing Fraud

Beginning at new account registration, social media businesses can use phone verification and fraud risk scoring to reduce the creation of fake accounts that result in user friction and lost ad revenue. From there, offering users protection from account takeover through two-factor authentication will keep good users engaged and bad actors out.
Implement a Full Spectrum Solution Through

User verification and authentication

Fraud risk assessment

A second layer of protection from account compromise

Capture more revenue with a user base of happy and engaged users that marketers will pay a premium to reach. TeleSign’s verification APIs, SDKs, continuous account protection and fraud risk scoring technology help businesses identify the good and valuable users from the fraudsters and botnets trying to do harm.