Achieve Competitive Advantages With SMS & Voice-Based Messaging

Customers want to be supported in their channel of choice and feel poorly treated when there is a lack of communication and/or when businesses fail to solve a problem in a timely manner.
SMS & Voice Messaging Allows Businesses to Send Timely and Personalized





Benefits include brand differentiation, attracting and retaining customers, gaining better customer insights, optimizing your workforce, improving speed of communicating, lowering operation costs and more. Messaging serves as a critical touch point through the customer life cycle, facilitating product activation, endorsing mobile app downloads and even engaging consumers with real-time inquiries about products.

Choose a Trusted Platform With Global Reach

Developers can build powerful and secure communication products using a sophisticated, dynamic platform with easy-to-integrate APIs & SDKs that deliver speed, reliability and proven success.
TeleSign's Business Critical Communications Solutions Offer

High-Quality, Secure Routes

Reliable, Global Reach

SMS Expertise

Compliance Support

Innovative technologies help businesses grow without the high costs of or need for building in-house backend infrastructure and interfaces.