With over 90 million people around the world using online and mobile dating apps, this $2.3 billion industry has become one of the most prime targets for fraudsters.* Legitimate users turn to these sites and apps for the opportunity to conveniently connect to people with similar interests and potentially find their “match.” Unfortunately, with growing frequency, unsuspecting victims of fraud are instead having bad experiences that cause them to abandon the service.

TeleSign provides online and mobile app dating companies with the ability to enhance the experience for their legitimate users by identifying and blocking bad actors before they have a chance to do harm.


Americans Lost About $82 Million to Catfishing Scams in the Last 6 Months of 2014*

Fraudsters take advantage of online dating communities by using fake accounts to commit credit card fraud, promote nonexistent products and solicit services (including relationships) from legitimate members. They also deploy account takeover techniques in order to post inaccurate information on and from real user accounts.
The Top 5 Fraud Issues in Digital Dating


Scams / solicitations

Credit card fraud

Identity mining

Profile misrepresentation / Catfishing

IBM Security found more than 60% of leading mobile dating applications it studied to be vulnerable to a variety of cyber-attacks that put personal user information and reputation at risk. When legitimate users do not trust brands to protect them against these damaging types of fraud, they often stop using the service and cancel their accounts, impacting a business’s opportunity for recurring revenue streams.

Build an Ecosystem Free of Bad Actors

When online and mobile dating app users feel they are safely connecting with other legitimate users, they become loyal to the brand. This sense of security often leads to increasing the level of service they use--making premium accounts a lucrative product enhancement for many businesses.
Gain User Trust

Verify new users at account registration

Challenge suspicious account logins and activity

Offer a second layer of account protection

TeleSign gives online and mobile dating app companies the ability to utilize phone numbers and the data behind them in order to identify potential fraud risk and block or challenge user registration and account access.