Building security into the customer experience


Protect your business, your customer experience from fraud and abuse

In today’s digital-first world, fraudsters lurk in crowds of new accounts, using stolen identities or take over existing customer accounts. They have become more sophisticated and found ways to remain undetected until they execute their financial takedown schemes. Due to these rising incidences of identity theft and fraud, people are reluctant to engage with new companies that they are not familiar with.

It’s time to take action and build trust with your customers by investing in fraud and verification tools to combat these attacks.

The Identity Fraud 101 eBook will equip you with fundamentals of account takeover methods and how you can protect your business, your customer experience—and your bottom line—from fraudsters .

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Here’s what’s included:

  • The building blocks of multifactor authentication
  • Types of account takeover methods
  • Building trust on every channel
  • How to keep your channels safe