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Start texting with a few lines of code

Our easy-to-use SMS API and in-depth documentation make it quick and easy to build SMS into your platform.

With our SMS API, you can:
  • Immediately alert your customers of updates
  • Improve conversions with reminders
  • Protect customers by confirming recent activity

import com.telesign.MessagingClient;
  import com.telesign.RestClient;
  public class HelloTelesign {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
          String customerId = "CCF97564-C760-4D67-8D39-877D23D14DD8";
          String apiKey = "*********************************";
          String phoneNumber = "14085298304";
          String message = "You're scheduled for a dentist appointment at 2:30PM.";
          String messageType = "ARN";
          try {
              MessagingClient messagingClient = new MessagingClient(customerId, apiKey);
              RestClient.TelesignResponse telesignResponse = messagingClient.message(phoneNumber, message, messageType, null);
              System.out.println("Your reference id is: "+telesignResponse.json.get("reference_id"));
          } catch (Exception e) {
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