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Tap into mobile identity datasets with a few lines of code

Our easy-to-use Phone ID API and in-depth documentation make it quick and easy to layer mobile identity into your communication, verification, and fraud prevention workflows.

import com.telesign.MessagingClient;
  import com.telesign.RestClient;
  public class HelloTelesign {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
          String customerId = "CCF97564-C760-4D67-8D39-877D23D14DD8";
          String apiKey = "*********************************";
          String phoneNumber = "14085298304";
          String message = "You're scheduled for a dentist appointment at 2:30PM.";
          String messageType = "ARN";
          try {
              MessagingClient messagingClient = new MessagingClient(customerId, apiKey);
              RestClient.TelesignResponse telesignResponse = messagingClient.message(phoneNumber, message, messageType, null);
              System.out.println("Your reference id is: "+telesignResponse.json.get("reference_id"));
          } catch (Exception e) {
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Plug into the most comprehensive mobile identity dataset

Here’s how companies use Phone ID for identity verification and messaging optimization

Number lookup

Reduce failed call and message attempts by confirming the validity, reachability, and legitimacy of a phone number.

Delivery optimization

Maximize delivery speed and completion rates. Intelligently route calls based on phone type and automatically cleanse phone numbers for better delivery.

Identity proofing

Deploy frictionless, low-cost verification. Verify name, address, and more to streamline and support identity verification, KYC workflows, and prevent synthetic identity theft.

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