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The perfect balance between simplicity and protection

Integrate our Phone ID API into the onboarding and communication workflows of your financial services company.

require 'telesign'

customer_id = ENV['CUSTOMER_ID'] || 'FFFFFFFF-EEEE-DDDD-1234-AB1234567890'
api_key = ENV['API_KEY'] || 'ABC12345yusumoN6BYsBVkh+yRJ5czgsnCehZaOYldPJdmFh6NeX8kunZ2zU1YWaUw/0wV6xfw=='
phone_number = ENV['PHONE_NUMBER'] || '11234567890'

client =, api_key)
response = client.phoneid(phone_number)


Streamline onboarding

Automatically confirm customer contact information.

Protect account integrity

Verify the identity of every new user that accesses your platform.

Increase message delivery

Maximize delivery rates while eliminating erroneous messaging costs.

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