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Git phone number legitimacy before you commit

Protect your app and improve SMS delivery rates by integrating our Phone ID API into your user verification, communication, and fraud prevention workflows.

require 'telesign'

customer_id = ENV['CUSTOMER_ID'] || 'FFFFFFFF-EEEE-DDDD-1234-AB1234567890'
api_key = ENV['API_KEY'] || 'ABC12345yusumoN6BYsBVkh+yRJ5czgsnCehZaOYldPJdmFh6NeX8kunZ2zU1YWaUw/0wV6xfw=='
phone_number = ENV['PHONE_NUMBER'] || '11234567890'

client =, api_key)
response = client.phoneid(phone_number)


Direct access to global phone number intelligence.

Responses are pulled from global phone number and IP intelligence in real-time that contain billions of identity signals and traffic patterns.


“reference_id”: “0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF”,
“external_id”: null,
“status”: {
“code”: 300,
“description”: “Transaction successfully completed”,
“updated_on”: “2023-06-07T18:16:45.371840Z”

Phone Type

“phone_type”: {
“code”: “2”,
“description”: “MOBILE”


“carrier”: {
“name”: “Verizon Wireless”


{‘contact’: {‘address1′: ’42 BAKER STREET’,
‘address2’: ”,
‘address3’: ”,
‘address4’: ”,
‘city’: ‘SEATTLE’,
‘country’: ‘US’,
’email_address’: ‘[email protected]’,
‘first_name’: ‘SHERLOCK’,
‘last_name’: ‘HOLMES’,
‘state_province’: ‘WA’,
‘status’: {‘code’: 2800,
‘description’: ‘Request successfully completed’},
‘zip_postal_code’: ‘98101’}

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