Phone Verification

Confirm the identity of your end-users by attaching a verified phone number at registration and authenticate them throughout the account lifecycle.

Global Account Trust Anchor

  • Collect a valid phone number when a new user attempts to open an account.
  • A time-sensitive one-time passcode is then sent to the number provided using SMS or a voice call.
  • The user inputs the correct code into the login screen, then the phone number is verified, and a secure account lifecycle begins.

Full Spectrum End-User Account Security

  • Establish a Mobile Identity
    Verify a unique identity for each legitimate user through their valid phone number. Quickly and easily attach a verified number to an account during registration for added assurance that the account owner is who they say they are.
  • Prevent Fraudulent Account Registrations
    Confirm the account registrant is not from a bot or spammer registering thousands of fake, bulk accounts and glean valuable data attributes based on the phone number provided.
  • Protect Account Access and Usage
    Secure logins from unknown devices and transactions by using SMS and voice messages sent to a verified number or through built-in two-factor authentication (2FA) to existing mobile applications that include  “one-click” push notifications, code challenges and soft tokens.
  • Streamline Secure Account Recovery
    Automatically reset a user’s lost password, or when there is risk of an account breach, securely and easily send an SMS message or voice call to the verified number.

Utilized By Leading Websites and Mobile Apps

  • Tinder: Phone Data Intelligence
    TeleSign analyzes massive volumes of real-time and historical data on phone numbers. The result is a reputation score that represents the risk level. This helps Tinder decide when to allow, challenge and/or block transactions associated with any given phone number.
  • Salesforce: Identity Confirmation
    SalesForce replaced email two-factor authentication as its default feature for Identity Confirmation with authentication via SMS using TeleSign. By using the mobile phone as a trust anchor, Salesforce was able to reach a broader user base, across the entire globe.
  • Evernote: Two-Factor Authentication
    Evernote offers phone-based two-factor authentication (2FA) to all user accounts to protect their global accounts from compromise. Additionally, with  TeleSign PhoneID, they verify that the phone numbers provided by users can actually receive SMS messages.


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