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2FA-is-not-enough | Telesign

2FA is not enough. Still relying. only. on SMS OTPs for account verification? There’s a better way. SMS is the most common user verification method used today because nearly every internet user has a mobile phone. But we all know it has weaknesses.
The Value of 2FA and Score | Telesign

The Value of 2FA and Score. Product highlights. | September 22, 2020. Let's walk through a standard two-factor authentication registration. The user creates an account and provides a phone number.
Customer onboarding: An industry-by-industry look at account-creation fraud | Telesign

2FA to score – customer onboarding webinar. Webinar. The process of signing up a new customer has opposing objectives at play. On the one hand, you want to ensure the account sign-up process is quick and painless for legitimate users.
TeleSign and Deepnet Security Partnership

TeleSign. , a market leader in Internet fraud prevention and Intelligent Authentication, and Deepnet Security, a leader in multi-factor authentication and identity management solutions, today announce a partnership to provide TeleSign 2FA in Deepnet’s DualShield
Rising Promo Abuse Puts iGaming Profits at Risk | Telesign

Fortunately, two-factor authentication protects from these attacks; TeleSign data shows that phone-based 2FA is 100% effective in stopping automated bot attacks, and 96% at blocking bulk phishing.
Super Shopping in Singapore | Telesign

Mobile eCommerce platforms are uniquely qualified to leverage fraud prevention and growth capabilities with solutions like 2FA and phone-based identity APIs.
Stop Account Takeover Using Two Factor Authentication | Telesign

If my defunct Ticketfly credentials for example were the same as my Amazon…I could be in a world of hurt.Fortunately, the most basic security measures can block this attack 100% of the time.Turn on 2FA. That's it. 2FA.
USE CASE: How to Reduce Fake Accounts with Digital Identity | Telesign

Digital Identity + 2FA. The good news is that fake accounts can be drastically reduced by implementing TeleSign identity solutions. First, any and all web platforms should implement 2FA.