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Los Angeles – July 27, 2011 – TeleSign, the market leader in phone-based authentication and verification services, today announced the release of a white paper revealing the breadth and depth of threats to online security. The white paper, authored by TeleSign CTO Charles McColgan, illustrates how Telephone Verification and PhoneID technology can prevent many types of online fraud, greatly reducing spam and scams.

The TeleSign white paper, “The Fraud Epidemic: Fighting fraud with phone-based authentication and verification,” outlines the following:

  • Describes trends in cybercrime and “state-of-the-art” solutions to current threats
  • Reviews a range of threats and critiques authentication and verification practices like CAPTCHA and biometrics, and evaluates their commercial and technical viability
  • Advises leveraging the 5 billion mobile handsets and 1.2 billion landlines worldwide for customer-friendly “frictionless” authentication and verification

“There are a variety of advanced security measures available that provide protection against many threats, but the simple truth remains; proactively verifying users provides the greatest return on your security investment and phone-based authentication and verification is one of the most effective solutions delivering unmatched ROI,” said Steve Jillings, TeleSign CEO.

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With coverage in more than 200 countries and 50 languages, TeleSign is the market leader in phone-based verification and authentication services. TeleSign has processed more than one billion phone-based authentication transactions in a broad range of categories such as social media, lead generation, online classifieds, financial services, eCommerce and widely distributed cloud-based services. By sending a one-time PIN code via voice or SMS to an end user's phone, TeleSign's technology authenticates the user in real time, immediately reducing fraud and spam. TeleSign provides verification services for the world's largest and most prominent web companies, transacting more volume than any other service provider, while maintaining industry-leading global deliverability rates with a guaranteed enterprise-level uptime. In addition to Telephone Verification, TeleSign also provides Two-Factor Authentication, and PhoneID.

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