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RSA Conference — San Francisco, CA — TeleSign, the Mobile Identity Company, today released its annual fraud report, which identifies the key locations, traffic patterns and anomalies most prevalent in today’s threat landscape. TeleSign’s findings illustrate the growing fraud threat and underlines the need to rigorously monitor account registration traffic.

Key findings from the TeleSign Fraud Report include:

  • Web fraud attempts are 14% higher in Latin America than anywhere else in the world
  • Fraudsters and spammers can collect $100,000+ in a matter of days and sometimes even hours with automated tools and black market accounts
  • In less than an hour, one phone number was used to open 230+ fake accounts
  • Pakistan is currently the primary hotspot for Telecom fraud

The report also provides analysis on anomalous patterns in global delivery of SMS and Voice traffic, research into automated attack traffic spikes, and what companies need to be aware of to ensure fraud prevention and account protection.

Since TeleSign manages the phone-based registration and authentication for the world’s largest online businesses, we are in a unique position to track and monitor fraudster traffic patterns,” said Nancy Vitug, vice president of engineering at TeleSign. “By detecting and shutting down fraudulent activities, TeleSign protects businesses and their users, and makes the cost of doing business unattractive for the fraudsters.”

Visit TeleSign at their booth #421 at the 2014 RSA Conference to discuss findings from the report. You can find the full 2014 Fraud Report available for download here:

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