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2022 State of fraud and prevention strategies

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Read the full report today to learn how to defend against fraud tactics in 2022 and beyond. 

On behalf of Telesign, Gatepoint Research recently conducted a survey on the state of fraud and the corporate response. The study focuses exclusively on industries that rely on digital platforms for customer onboarding, interaction, transaction, and overall engagement. Their collective perspectives provide a glimpse into how today's businesses are mitigating today’s threats, while capitalizing on opportunities.

With so much of today’s business conducted online, fraud prevention has emerged as a critical aspect of daily operations and brand loyalty. Fraudulent tactics evolve quickly, making it essential for companies to stay up to date on the most prevalent schemes and prevention strategies in order to build and keep customer trust. 

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In this study, we asked respondents to provide feedback on: 

  • The importance of fraud management in their overall business strategy
  • The technologies with the most significant impact on fraud
  • Their organization’s strategies to mitigate fraud