Transactis Enhances Anti-Fraud Arsenal With TeleSign Partnership

New York, Los Angeles, London, Liverpool— Transactis, the UK-based consumer insight and information services provider, and TeleSign, the California-based mobile identity and authentication leader, today announced a new partnership that will enable Transactis clients to assess the risk of their own customers based upon critical mobile data now available as part of the company’s anti-fraud services package.

Adding TeleSign's PhoneID suite into Transactis’ portfolio of solutions enables the company to provide its clients with actionable data on any mobile phone number. PhoneID Live determines phone type, mobile carrier and phone status in real time and identifies whether a mobile phone is active and reachable, alongside geographic information, roaming status and roaming country. As a key part of Transactis’ anti-fraud services offering, PhoneID enables businesses to tap into pertinent data to efficiently mitigate fraud, thereby reducing losses and protecting against events such as account takeover.

Transactis Commercial Director John Sharman commented: “PhoneID enhances Transactis’ already powerful arsenal of anti-fraud weapons. The TeleSign solution provides accurate data about a telephone number, which will help clients verify legitimate customers and mitigate risk. This process is frictionless and occurs in the background with no impact to the customer experience. PhoneID is a key addition to Transactis’ portfolio of anti-fraud products and services.”

Craig Whitney, TeleSign’s VP EMEA, said: “Transactis can reduce fraud risk and enable businesses to adapt and improve their protective measures as new threats emerge.  By adding PhoneID to other Transactis data sources, businesses will immediately see the benefits to their fraud-prevention decision processes. PhoneID data serves as a predictive fraud signal to assess the legitimacy of a mobile transaction.”

About Transactis

Transactis is a customer insight, data management and anti-fraud services business, providing marketing, fraud prevention, and customer management solutions to some of the most successful organisations in the UK. The company is one of the UK’s leading specialists in combining data from multiple sources to provide a detailed and actionable understanding of individual consumer behaviour, risk, and opportunity. Using its unique data resources, specialist knowledge, and innovative technology, Transactis delivers products and services that allow their clients to make better, faster, and more informed decisions to generate greater efficiencies, profit, and an enhanced experience for their customers. The company was recently honoured with awards for innovation and overall achievement at the 2013 Retail Fraud Awards. Alongside its strength in retail, drawing on the unique transactional data pooled from more than 200 of the UK’s leading home shopping brands, Transactis manages solutions for Nationwide Building Society, HM Revenue and Customs, Shop Direct Group, and Betfair, amongst other clients.

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About TeleSign

Every second, of every day, TeleSign protects the world's largest Internet and Cloud properties by establishing and verifying Mobile Identity.

Digital businesses use TeleSign's Mobile Identity platform to preserve their ecosystem by detecting a suspicious user before account creation, and to better protect their existing user base from account compromise.

TeleSign is trusted by the world's largest companies and protects 2.5 billion accounts in more than 200 countries and in 87 languages.

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