TeleSign’s PhoneID Suite Enhanced with Telecom Carrier Information

Los Angeles, CA — April 2, 2013 — TeleSign, an Internet security and authentication leader, today announced the addition of telecom carrier information in its suite of PhoneID products. Carrier information serves as a powerful fraud signal for many online merchants and web properties. This update enables a more granular approach to evaluating the propensity for fraud based on phone number intelligence.

TeleSign’s patented suite of identity and fraud prevention products is based on the principle that a phone is uniquely tied to a person’s identity and behavior.  PhoneID already helps the most prominent global web properties make quick and accurate decisions about their users with powerful fraud signals including phone type, contact information, subscriber and device status, and now telecom carrier data. Carrier information was identified by TeleSign’s fraud research team as a valuable fraud signal to more accurately detect fraud.

“Carrier information contributes to TeleSign’s fraud prevention and identity proofing products by providing a pivotal data point that can narrow and isolate a source of fraud for our customers,” said Nancy Vitug, Director of Program Management, TeleSign. “We are pleased to launch this customer-driven enhancement as a value-add to our PhoneID Suite.”

“Fraud on our site damages our reputation, hurts the user experience, and diminishes our margins,” said Chris Letendre, CEO, PC Game Supply. “Carrier data gives us valuable insight into behavioral trends of fraudulent users, enabling us to stop more fraud and move real users to order completion quicker. Bottom line, it improves the bottom line.”

Telecom carrier information is currently used to:

  • Block a telecom carrier associated with high fraud rates
  • Create exceptions for a carrier with low fraud rates
  • Build carrier data into an automated machine learning system

This enhancement is now included in all PhoneID products including Standard, Contact, and Live. For more information on TeleSign’s user authentication and fraud prevention products please visit

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