TeleSign Executive to Speak at Merchant Risk Council Fall Platinum Meeting

Los Angeles – Sept.  13, 2011 – TeleSign, a market leader in phone-based authentication and verification services, today announced that Stacy Stubblefield, Vice President of Product Strategy, will speak at the Merchant Risk Council (MRC) Fall Platinum Meeting, scheduled for September 19-21, 2011, in Chicago.

Stubblefield’s session “CAPTCHA is dead: What next?” outlines the problems that spam and bulk registration present to online merchants and details how modern countermeasures, such as Telephone Verification and PhoneID, deal with these issues. Stubblefield will also examine spammer business models and operations, such as overseas call centers to defeat measures like CAPTCHA, and will discuss how telephone verification helps put spammers out of business.

Stubblefield’s presentation will take place Wednesday, September 21, 9:30 – 10:30 AM, in “Walton South” at The Drake Hotel, Chicago.  

The MRC is dedicated to providing its members – which include some of the largest companies on the web – with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in an environment increasingly reliant upon online and mobile payment technology. By leading the e-Commerce industry in networking, education, benchmarking and advocacy programs, the MRC strives to make electronic commerce more efficient, safe and profitable.

About Stacy Stubblefield

Stacy Stubblefield has been leading TeleSign product strategy since the launch of the company more than six years ago. As part of the TeleSign founding team, Stubblefield conceptualized and developed the company's platform and patented technology. She currently works with the office of the CTO, ensuring that TeleSign continues to deliver groundbreaking technology that best addresses market needs.

About TeleSign

TeleSign is a global Internet security company providing phone-based authentication and verification services to help web-based organizations identify and substantially reduce online fraud and spam. TeleSign products provide an easy-to-implement and powerful way to stop fraud using the telephone – the simplest and most widely deployed technology available worldwide. TeleSign serves organizations of all sizes including some of the world’s largest and most prominent web businesses. The company has transacted more than a billion authentication and verification transactions to more than 200 countries in over 50 languages. TeleSign guarantees enterprise-level uptime and provides industry-leading global deliverability rates.

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