TeleSign Deploys Machine Learning To Fight Online Fraud

Los Angeles, CA – October 6, 2016 – TeleSign, the leader in mobile identity solutions, today announced the addition of machine learning and other key features to its industry-leading fraud intelligence solution, TeleSign Score. TeleSign Score enables companies to achieve greater identity assurance, protect brand reputation and effectively grow user bases. With 86% of companies extremely or very concerned about authenticating the identity of their users (TeleSign 2016 ‘Beyond the Password’ Report), this first-of-its-kind fusion of machine learning and phone number data further increases the effectiveness and accuracy of predicting and scoring online user risk.

TeleSign Score is a powerful risk assessment API that delivers reputational scoring based on phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning and a global data consortium to web and mobile-based applications around the world. Now with the addition of machine learning, TeleSign Score is able to use historical indicators to uncover hidden insights and predict fraudulent activity. Score is customizable by customer, industry or specific use case, enabling companies to proactively identify fraud while streamlining the user experience for legitimate users.

“With 90 percent of companies experiencing online fraud in the past year, finding ways to proactively block fraudsters has become an increasingly vital component of every online fraud prevention strategy,” said Aled Miles, CEO at TeleSign. “The advances we’re making using machine learning within TeleSign Score are helping our customers uncover hidden insights and predict, prevent and respond to fraud in real-time.”

“Everything we do is based on our ability to ensure our renters and landlords are who they say they are,” said Jonathan Eppers, CEO of RadPad.  “Integrating TeleSign Score has helped our brand reduce fraudsters’ chances of creating multiple fake accounts and disrupting the genuine user experience. TeleSign Score has not only helped us streamline the account registration process, we’ve also increased conversions and securely grown our user base with verified users.”

Easily integrated into existing account security workflows, TeleSign Score helps companies combat a variety of high-impact fraud use cases including account takeovers, phishing attacks, fake account registrations and more. Through TeleSign’s deep relationships with mobile network operators, TeleSign Score is able to analyze massive volumes of real-time and historical data on phone number usage and then feed this information into customer-specific machine learning algorithms to provide a risk score and recommended response for each new user. Complete with customizable, pre-set response actions, the end result is a brand and user-base that is safer, more authentic and more valuable.

Key feature upgrades to TeleSign Score include:

  • Machine Learning: A customizable, data analysis technique that trains TeleSign’s proprietary algorithm to uncover hidden insights in phone number data to populate a range of predictors for both good and bad phone numbers.
  • Labeled Data Analysis: The ability to analyze company-provided labeled data – a list of phone numbers specific to their fraud situation/industry/use case that have been identified as either good or bad – to develop a machine learning model that identifies and predicts fraud in Score transactions.
  • Additional customer-submitted trust anchors: Companies can submit additional data objects – email address, account ID, and device ID. These unique data points are correlated to a phone number or transaction, making Score even more effective.
  • New IP Address Rules: Companies can also submit a user’s originating IP address associated with the Score transaction to provide insight into the user’s location. Rules can be applied based on customer requests that impact the determination of the risk assessment score.

The TeleSign Score API for web and mobile applications is available today around the globe and can be easily embedded into new or existing app-based platforms.

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