TeleSign Challenges RSA Attendees To – Guess The Answer To My Challenge Question – at RSA Conference 2012

TeleSign Challenges RSA Attendees to “Guess The Answer to My Challenge Question” at RSA Conference 2012

Who: RSA and TeleSign
When: Monday, February 27, 2012 – Thursday, March 1, 2012
Where: Booth #432 in Moscone Center, San Francisco
What: RSA brings security thought leaders together to discuss security issues and solutions, delivering the latest knowledge to protect your organization from threats today – and tomorrow.
How to get a ticket: For a Complimentary Exhibit Hall Pass, use code: EC12TLS
How to meet with TeleSign at the show: Schedule a Meeting

Visit TeleSign at booth #432 and guess the answer to common challenge questions by scanning social media profiles.

A few facts about challenge questions:

  • In 2008 Sarah Palin’s email was hacked by someone who used the name of the location where Palin and her husband met to gain access to her Yahoo email account via the “secret question” password-recovery mechanism.
  • 28% of participants in a Carnegie Mellon University study could easily guess friend’s answers to participants’ secret questions.
  • 45% of participants could guess where the person “was born,” and 40% could correctly give the user’s “pet name.”

TeleSign offers a secure and efficient method to globally deploy two-factor authentication, a measurably more secure method for managing access to valuable online and cloud accounts.

TeleSign also plans to announce an exciting partnership and a new patent at the show.

Winners of TeleSign’s “Guess The Answer to My Challenge Question” will be invited to pick a prize from a grab bag of fun desk toys and gifts.

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