Red And TeleSign Partner to Deliver Enhanced Authentication Solutions to Red Shield Customers

Edison NJ, – December 11, 2012 ReD, a leading global provider of fraud prevention and payment services, has signed a partnership agreement with TeleSign, a market leader in Internet fraud prevention and intelligent phone-based authentication. Under the agreement, TeleSign’s data and authentication products will be integrated and made available to customers of the ReD Shield® fraud prevention service.

ReD’s merchant customers will be able to access TeleSign phone identification and verification services from the ReD Shield customer service interface. These services, including TeleSign PhoneID Standard, PhoneID Contact, PhoneID Live and TeleSign Verify, will assist merchants’ fraud verification agents to check information provided as part of an order and more accurately assess the risks associated with individual orders. They will provide cost-effective identity checks and help to accelerate authentication on a global level.

Kevin Sprake, ReD president for North America, said: “This is an important and exciting new partnership for ReD. By giving our customers the opportunity to access these award-winning TeleSign services, we are further enabling automated reviews, faster authentication of good customers and more accurate risk assessments. ReD is always looking for ways to enhance the value of our proven ReD Shield service, which, today, is supporting some of the world’s largest merchants. Our partnership with TeleSign is further evidence of our commitment to provide the very best in fraud prevention support to our customers.”

The services in detail include:

TeleSign PhoneID Standard

  • Identifies the phone type, including prepaid mobile, VoIP, SKYPE, landline, enabling a more accurate assessment of associated risk
  • Ensures that SMS messages are sent only to SMS-enabled phone types
  • Geographic information from registration (city, county, state, country, latitude, longitude and time zone)
  • Ensures that the phone number provided by a customer is formatted properly, correcting it if necessary. TeleSign AutoFix has been shown to provide a 15-20% lift in transaction throughput by automatically correcting improperly formatted phone numbers.

TeleSign PhoneID Contact

  • Enables comparison of address verification service information, including street number and zip code, and/or bill to/ship to information with phone contact information
  • Enables cost-efficient identity checks in the event of a challenge or review

TeleSign PhoneID Live
Provides actionable international data points on individual phone numbers, to help mitigate fraud, including:

  • Phone subscriber status (active/disconnected)
  • Device status (reachable/unreachable)
  • Roaming information (roaming status and country)

TeleSign Verify
Leverages SMS or voice authentication when required and enables the agent to:

  • Automate the review process by profiling transactions, automatically sending authentication codes via SMS or voice message.
  • Clear an order when a transaction is in the queue for review
  • Establish an account during the registration process
  • Authenticate for trusted password resets

About TeleSign
TeleSign protects the world's largest Internet and Cloud properties against fraud. TeleSign Intelligent Authentication provides an easy-to-implement and powerful method for identifying and substantially reducing online fraud and spam using the most widely deployed technology — a user's phone. The company protects 2.5 billion downstream accounts in more than 200 countries, offering localization services in 87 languages. In 2011, TeleSign ranked #15 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ and was named Visionary in Gartner’s User Authentication Magic Quadrant.

About ReD
ReD is a world leader in fraud prevention and payment services. Independent of any card scheme, ReD is present at every stage of the payments value chain, supporting merchants and PSPs, issuers and acquirers, processors and switch networks in the fight against fraud.

As a participating organization of the Board of the PCI DSS Security Standards Council, ReD plays a central role in setting standards for the payments industry.

ReD employs some the world’s leading risk and fraud analysts and gathers data from more than 190 countries. The company serves customers across six continents, from retail, banking, telecommunications, travel, gaming, petroleum and broader e-commerce sectors. ReD has offices in Australia, China, India, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.

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