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Authentication Services, Fraud Prevention, Verification Services

TeleSign Helps RapidAPI Secure Access to All Your APIs


Developers utilizing RapidAPI can now access valuable customer identity insights, all through a single SDK or function call to integrate with the TeleSign APIs. In offering TeleSign’s APIs through RapidAPI, we make it easy for developers in the community to answer critical questions about their users with valuable end-user data, available in over 230 countries and territories.

“Our partnership with RapidAPI makes it easy for developers to test and deploy the FullContact platform.”

Product Manager, Developer API - FullContact

In addition, Confirming user identities is a major priority for most online businesses. User verification through email, challenge or knowledge-based questions and CAPTCHA is no longer sufficient. More and more developers are now embedding two-factor authentication directly into their user registration workflows as a proactive safety measure. The RapidAPI developer community can now add a second layer of security to end-user accounts to verify phone numbers and ensure their users are legitimate, all through a single API function call.


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