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Coffee + Dunn is a provider of Customer Engagement planning, implementation, and execution services. Our clients – namely corporate marketing organizations – are dealing with an explosion of marketing technologies, an increasing burden of responsibility to drive revenue, and a shortage of qualified resources to execute their marketing strategies.

Companies across all industries are faced with the challenge of competing in the new digital era defined by speed, access, personalization, insight, and transparency.  They must transform the way they operate while still delivering marketing campaigns.  Coffee+Dunn consulting services empower our clients to a) understand their current situation, b) identify strategies and capabilities needed to thrive in the new world, c) develop a strategic action plan to transform their organization, and d) implement the process and technology solutions critical to help them succeed.  Our unique combination of skills separates us from large “generalist” system integrators, and “creative oriented” marketing agencies – the two most common sources CMO and CIO’s look to for guidance. TeleSign’s SMS API is available through the Dynamics for Marketing App Store and customers leverage Coffee + Dunn to deploy successful implementations within the Dynamics platform.

Coffee + Dunn

Consulting services for Customer Engagement planning, implementation, and execution services.


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